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World Heritage: Toshodaiji Temple4.8

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Toshodaiji was built in the year 759 by the Chinese priest Ganjin, who was invited by the emperor to improve Japanese Buddhism. A wooden statue of Ganjin quietly sits in the north building, his face beautifully gleaming in meditation.

The Kondo (Golden Hall), reopened to public in 2009 after 10 years of renovation, is a national treasure and houses an amazing Senju (1,000 arms) Kannon image. Senju Kannon statues usually have only dozens of arms, but the one you see here really has 1,000 arms!

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5.02 months ago

Great environment with high history and culture values.

4.07 months ago

Nice place.. serene.

5.0a year ago

In the morning, we took a bus to Tōshōdai-ji. This temple was a Buddhist temple which was gesigned and built by Chinese monk Jianzhen. The temple was already 1,300 years old and was an very important model for professionals to study the ancient architectures in Tang Dynasty, assessed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Before entering, we lift our heads to see the gate of Tōshōdai-ji, there was a long-historic plaque written 4 Chinese of "Tōshōdai-ji" on it. It was said that the 4 words were copied from the handwriting of great Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi by the Japanese emperor in the Nara period . When we entered the temple, we could see lots of great ancient architectures and treasures. The Golden Hall was quite magnificent, with simple tones, which appeared the characteristics of the Tang Dynasty architecture. In the other architecture, we saw a dry paint statue of monk Jianzhen, and we heard that this technology has been lost. In the Lecture Hall, we saw many treasures displayed such as the Chiwen usually decorated on the roof of temple or palace was as high as an adult showed that the craft level at that time was very high. It was worthy to mention that the Tōshōdai-ji provided APP for mobile phone downloading. Visitors could follow the APP to guide themselves, very good service! However, a male administrator in the Lecture Hall was too small minded. As long as the child put his hand on the guardrail used to separate tourists and treasures, he would shout loudly, so many visitors hurried to finish visiting and brought their child to leave the spot. Is this not contrary to the Buddhist spirit of tolerance? It was ridiculous!! Tōshōdai-ji was not small, we stayed in the temple for more than two hours and left for next place.


4.0a month ago

Very old temple steeped in nature.

5.0a year ago

Very well kept headquarters of the Ritsu-shu sect. Expect an entrance fee of roughly 1000円

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Yes. This temple has many things to talk about.

Yes. This temple has many things to talk about.

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