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At the center of Naramachi, the former merchant district of Nara, lies one of Japan's oldest temples. Gangoji Temple is listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and once was a huge temple comparable to Todaiji and Kofukuji Temples during the Nara period (710-794). The temple's tiled roofs are considered the oldest in Japan.

This spot is located a little away from the current center of Nara City, and you can enjoy a laid-back stroll with time seemingly flowing very slow. Based on a legend that a goblin was dispatched by a thunder god in this temple, there are many stone statues of goblins lying in the precincts. The natural stone in the north precinct, which looks like a toad, is also an tourist attraction.

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2.0a year ago

I went to lots of even better and more beautiful temples Japan so this one just kinda dissapointed me due to the high entrance price.It is said to be a world heritage site with the design of the buildings but tbh if you travel around Wakayama esp kumano kodo you can find similar designs almost every where with no money charges

5.0a year ago

Like all Japanese temples, it has a very pretty and peaceful aesthetic.

5.0a year ago

The first Buddhist temple in Japan. Very beautiful and well preserved.

5.0a year ago

Super peaceful place, inside the main hall you can get more explanations about buddhism and meditation.

4.0a year ago

If you want a more peaceful temple with fewer people and time to relax, then o would recommend this temple.

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A quiet and old temple. You should start your Nara tour from here.

A quiet and old temple. You should start your Nara tour from here.

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