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World Heritage: Gangoji Temple4.6

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At the center of Naramachi, the former merchant district of Nara, lies one of Japan's oldest temples. Gangoji Temple is listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and once was a huge temple comparable to Todaiji and Kofukuji Temples during the Nara period (710-794). The temple's tiled roofs are considered the oldest in Japan.

This spot is located a little away from the current center of Nara City, and you can enjoy a laid-back stroll with time seemingly flowing very slow. Based on a legend that a goblin was dispatched by a thunder god in this temple, there are many stone statues of goblins lying in the precincts. The natural stone in the north precinct, which looks like a toad, is also an tourist attraction.

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5.0a month ago

Not much to say that has not already been said, this temple is a far cry from its larger neighbor and does not pull in many tourists so feel free to give the... *ahem* friendly people a break and come here for a relaxing tour.

Sadly I was on a time limit and probably set the world speed record for power touring here, definitely missed some stuff!

4.0in the last week

I went there in the morning, it was very calm and relaxing. This temple is one of the earliest built in Japan. This place offers a good amount of explanations in English about buddhist rituals.

3.0a week ago

Nice temple, nothing special. Fee entry too high to see just a very little temple.

5.02 months ago

Majestic place very rustic and spiritual, unfortunate that you need to pay money to go see the Buddha temple but it was a small affordable fee

4.010 months ago

Good temple with also artifacts and history (English caption). Good peaceful visit away from the tourist. There is a small museum with 2 floors about to view with captions and history on the temple. Also oldest roof tiles.
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A quiet and old temple. You should start your Nara tour from here.

A quiet and old temple. You should start your Nara tour from here.

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