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Ghibli Museum4.8

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This is a museum designed by master animator Miyazaki Hayao, whose Studio Ghibli produced popular anime films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, and Oscar-winning Spirited Away. You will be greeted by a huge Totoro at the gate and there is a climbable Cat Bus for children in the building. The roof-top garden is guarded by a 5m-tall robot soldier.

Five rooms of permanent exhibits show the processes of production, and the original 20-minute animated work is played in the cinema room. There is a cafe with the anime-oriented menu and ambience. This is truly a place for Ghibli fanciers. Reservation is required.

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3.0a week ago

If you love Ghibli, then this is a good museum. Tickets are hard to come by and must be purchased way in advance, but the base price of around ¥1000 is reasonable. Everything is in Japanese however, so if you are interested in the behind-the-scenes aspects and can't read Japanese, you might want to reconsider going. Also, the store is quite small (you can find more selection from Ghibli stores located around Japan). But overall a fun experience, especially the short movie. I recommend coming early when the museum is less crowded. Also expect lots of stair climbing.

5.0a month ago

Please note that you are not allowed to take pictures inside the museum.
For people who are big fans of Studio Ghibli this is a must see. This place is truly magical even down to the tickets. Once you enter you receive a little cut of film from one of their movies which makes a good keepsake! You get to see the world of animation in such an interesting way. There is even a short animation shown that has never been seen before

5.04 weeks ago

The museum is absolutely fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of animation but I found the two hours I spent here a few months ago absolutely fascinating. The material is naturally mostly in Japanese but gives an insight into the production process. The design/layout is also enjoyable as an experience, especially the walkways on the higher levels and the exposed stairwell down to the ground floor. My favourite bit of the day was the free screening of an ecological short film. And I still have my free gift which all visitors were given.

5.0a week ago

What more can you say! Epic experience. They don’t really allow pictures here. So the only thing you can take of is the surrounding. If you are going to visit Japan. Make sure you book this Way In Advance otherwise if you’re going to turn up on the day - Please expect to be disappointed. When we were there, it was quite pack but everything was orderly and the staff managed the queue very well as the limit the number of people in the building every hour. We spent some time at the souvenir shop and finish off the evening at the cafe with some curry and green tea latte. Unforgettable experience. Won’t be back for second unless with kids. This is something you would do once and that’s it.

5.0a week ago

Magical for fans of the Ghibli movies. From playful exhibits about the nature of animation to the process and source materials used by the animators, it's a beautifully designed location... But you aren't allowed to take photos! You can't buy tickets at the box office but have to turn up with tickets bought remotely or online. Getting to the place on public transport involves getting a public bus (sadly not a cat bus) from a suburban station but it is well signposted in English too so shouldn't terrify less practised Tokyo travelers.

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