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Ghibli Museum4.8

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This is a museum designed by master animator Miyazaki Hayao, whose Studio Ghibli produced popular anime films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, and Oscar-winning Spirited Away. You will be greeted by a huge Totoro at the gate and there is a climbable Cat Bus for children in the building. The roof-top garden is guarded by a 5m-tall robot soldier.

Five rooms of permanent exhibits show the processes of production, and the original 20-minute animated work is played in the cinema room. There is a cafe with the anime-oriented menu and ambience. This is truly a place for Ghibli fanciers. Reservation is required.

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4.0in the last week

You can't take any pictures inside but it's great for all Ghibli lovers, you'll get to see some interesting artworks and get a better look into the production of Ghibli movies and also an exclusive short film.

The short film and most of the installations aren't in English so beware, you'll likely have a quick gander and move on. You get a cool little film reel as your admission for the short film/exhibition.

Great experience if you have children for to let your inner child out and explore the mind of Studio Ghibli.

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5.04 weeks ago

I would give this 6 stars if I could! I can only wish there were more of it. This is a superb example of extending the experience of the films and rewarding the people who attend with extras and behind the scenes insights. Tickets are hard to get if you are not in Japan for an extended period, so you will have to apply for them well in advance with a local travel agency. If you love the films, and you can get to Tokyo it is not to be missed.

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4.0in the last week

Great if you're a lover of Ghibli like me but keep in mind that all the information around the museum is in Japanese and you can't have your phone out so can't use an app to translate them. Would have been really awesome if there'd been some info we could read! The building itself is beautiful, lots of gorgeous Ghibli stained glass etc but don't bother with the gift shop - you can buy the same stuff in Japanese department stores elsewhere anyway.

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4.03 weeks ago

A fantastic showcase of the colourful world of Ghibli that is well worth the entrance fee. Ghibli fans, young and old alike will enjoy every minute. My only criticism is the lack of English signage and information. There is a lot of signs and plaques filled with Japanese text yet no accompanying English. So if you're a tourist who does not read Japanese, like myself, you may feel like you're missing out on some information or context although the entire museum was still very engaging.

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5.0a month ago

It can be tricky to get tickets to this museum from outside Japan - make sure you read up on the process well in advance, as we needed to book three months before our trip (at a specific time in the early hours of the morning). It’s definitely worth attempting to get a ticket, as this whimsical museum was one of the highlights of our trip. I don’t want to spoil it for future visitors, but suffice to say fans of Ghibli will be entertained for hours by the various surprises within.

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