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Ghibli Museum4.8

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This is a museum designed by master animator Miyazaki Hayao, whose Studio Ghibli produced popular anime films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, and Oscar-winning Spirited Away. You will be greeted by a huge Totoro at the gate and there is a climbable Cat Bus for children in the building. The roof-top garden is guarded by a 5m-tall robot soldier.

Five rooms of permanent exhibits show the processes of production, and the original 20-minute animated work is played in the cinema room. There is a cafe with the anime-oriented menu and ambience. This is truly a place for Ghibli fanciers. Reservation is required.

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5.0in the last week

Had an amazing time here and its an obvious place to go if your into Studio Ghibli's work! We were taken around the museum and through rooms dedicated to helping people understand the process of how a studio Ghibli film is made. It was an incredible experience!

When there, you get to see an original, exclusive animation that cannot be viewed outside of the museum. It's only short but still worth the ticket!

The cafe within the museum is very tourist friendly with staff who speak a little bit of English and make you feel very welcome! As with all places you visit that doesn't speak your language, it's always best to try and start the conversation in the native language. I found when.doing this, people would be appreciative and quickly switch to English to ease the conversation. A little goes a long way! Decent prices, great service!

(No photos of any kind in the museum, please be respectful!)

Would definitely visit again!

5.0a month ago

My first time here, I only got 2 hours at the museum before it closed and it was one of my biggest regret. Being able to come here the second time 2 years later with a 2pm ticket time was something I was completely looking forward too. Getting a ticket through the Lawson was a blood bath but keep trying! It took my friend and I at least 40 min to finally get through to the payment screen to check out. Set your alarm clocks and keep trying. You have to book in advance right as tickets are released. Arriving at 2pm gave me a lot of time to be able to look through each exhibit at my leisure along with being able to enjoy the cafe. If there's a long wait at the cafe, go closer towards closing and the wait time will go down significantly. In the mean time, I recommend getting the egg rolls from the food window on the side of the cafe along with the two Ghibli beers they have available. I really enjoyed the beers and loved the thought they put into the label! It's so cute! Also get the soft serve, both flavors are also very good. To get there, there's a Ghibli bus that goes directly to the Ghibli Museum at Mitaka Station.

5.02 weeks ago

Fans of Ghibli should go here. It can be very crowded but it's quirky layout means there's always somewhere to have a rest away from the crowd.

Most things are in Japanese but to be fair a lot of it is based on the visual so most times it won't matter as you can just look/watch/play.

There is a regular shuttle service between the museum and the station but the walk is easy enough and well signposted with a few interesting things along the way.

Pro tip: Don't be afraid to take the spiral staircase

5.0a month ago

A charming museum in a gorgeous park. Lots of little spots to explore. The current exhibit about painting is very interesting. It was fairly crowded when we went, but we still managed to see everything quite comfortably. Make sure you go up to the rooftop terrace!

5.0a month ago

This place is wonderful. There isn't much else I can say that will do it justice. The attention to detail. The exhibitions that depict the hard work and effort put into each film. The short film that can only be seen onsite. The joy on all the visitors faces. The atmosphere is fantastic. You can't help but to enjoy yourself the whole time you are there.

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