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Ghibli Museum4.8

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This is a museum designed by master animator Miyazaki Hayao, whose Studio Ghibli produced popular anime films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, and Oscar-winning Spirited Away. You will be greeted by a huge Totoro at the gate and there is a climbable Cat Bus for children in the building. The roof-top garden is guarded by a 5m-tall robot soldier.

Five rooms of permanent exhibits show the processes of production, and the original 20-minute animated work is played in the cinema room. There is a cafe with the anime-oriented menu and ambience. This is truly a place for Ghibli fanciers. Reservation is required.

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5.03 weeks ago

My first time here, I only got 2 hours at the museum before it closed and it was one of my biggest regret. Being able to come here the second time 2 years later with a 2pm ticket time was something I was completely looking forward too. Getting a ticket through the Lawson was a blood bath but keep trying! It took my friend and I at least 40 min to finally get through to the payment screen to check out. Set your alarm clocks and keep trying. Arriving at 2pm gave me a lot of time to be able to look through each exhibit at my leisure along with being able to enjoy the cafe. If there's a long wait at the cafe, go closer towards closing and the wait time will go down significantly. In the mean time, I recommend getting the egg rolls from the food window on the side of the cafe along with the two Ghibli beers they have available. I really enjoyed the beers and loved the thought they put into the label! It's so cute! Also get the soft serve, both flavors are also very good. To get there, there's a Ghibli bus that goes directly to the Ghibli Museum at Mitaka Station.

5.03 weeks ago

Amazing, magical Museum!

You can't take photographs inside, and rightly so. Ghibli museum has the same attention to detail in their movies, you need to experience it while there.

From custom stained glass, to quirky nooks, and floors, every aspect of the floor is well thought out, magical in every sense.

Enjoy and take your time to savor the magic of Miyazaki and Ghibli, you don't need to see the movies to enjoy the museum. There is a phenomenal gift shop be sure to visit.

I won't spoil the many other surprises, so go visit!

5.0a month ago

This place is amazing to visit if you are a Ghibli fan! They show the steps of creating some of the animations, how they paid the cells, and wonderful exhibits on how motion is created using still images and figures. The short movie they show at the museum was really cute and worth it.

You must book in advance (month before if you are overseas) and they sell out quick so you better be on top of it! No pictures inside.

Also your entrance ticket is literally 3 frames from one of the movies!

5.0in the last week

Don't let the lack of pictures dissuade you, this place is huge and has so many great exhibits. Pictures aren't allowed inside the venue but there's so much to see. We really enjoyed seeing all the sketches and other artwork that either became or influenced Ghibli films. The museum touches on some of the history of animation and also has some never before seem Ghibli work which is worth a watch. I also recommend checking out the cafe if you have a couple hours to spare. The wait is long but the staff and food are fantastic. They went out of their way to try to fix an allergy issue we were having with the food and were hard set on making our experience worth the long wait.

5.02 weeks ago

The best experience we had in Tokyo. Everything in the museum is lovely and full of amazing details. You will love it, if you enjoy the art of Ghibli. There is a restaurant too, but the wait was too long (1.5h). Make sure you book tickets for the museum "online" at least 2 months early!

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