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Sightseeing information about Toba Aquarium in Japan.

Toba Aquarium4.0

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One of the world's largest Giant Aquarium with more than 30,000 aquatic creatures from 1200 species. Other than sea mammals such as dugongs, manatees, dolphins and sea otters, a diverse collection of fish and shellfishes, waterside mammals like fishing cats, amphibians and reptiles are found in the themed zones including Marine Mammals Kingdom, Mermaid Sea, Ancient Sea, Coral Reef Diving, Polar Sea, Jungle World, Woods of Miracles, Japanese Sea and Japanese River. Rare creatures like giant isopods are displayed at the Curious Creatures Laboratory. Kids may also enjoy the seal performances, penguin parades and the touch-the-warlus. Great place even on a rainy day.

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5.02 months ago

Amazing encounter with very interesting sea creatures.. lots of varieties of sea and land creatures to see and learn. Need at least 3 hours or more. Several performances - walrus show, penguin walk, sea lion performance.
Great place for kids...

5.02 months ago

Small but good. Lots of marine life specimens - porpoise, manatee, dugong.. great for kids and adults alike. Live walrus show. You get to meet / pet him after the show

5.03 months ago

I have visited 20+ aquariums and this is by far THE BEST!
I stayed for 4 hours and didn't even sit down or saw any shows. It is huge! Moreover, there are many species that I have never seen before. The place obviously is a few years old but the actual animals and tanks are extremely well taken care of. On another note, there are vending machines all through the place and the price of drinks is cheaper than in the city.
I definitely recommend going and it is worth the 2500en price tag. Will be back.

4.0a month ago

Bit old fashioned but a good selection and animals seem to be well looked after. Great friendly service from staff

1.0a month ago

Many of the animals are kept in very small habitats, and in most cases they can barely move around. The seals and sea lions are one such example, where they are kept in cramped tanks and all they can do is swim in tight circles. Upstairs in the reptile exhibit, they have a giant alligator snapping turtle, and it’s habitat is disgustingly small. I witnessed how many animals are not able to access the entire habitat as they have been fenced off into small sections. I do not recommend visiting. Terrible conditions for these animals.

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