Ameyoko Shopping Street

Sightseeing information about Ameyoko Shopping Street in Japan.

Ameyoko Shopping Street4.0

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Ameyoko is a bustling shopping strip south of Ueno Station along the overhead train tracks. The street has an open-air market selling everything from groceries to fresh seafood such as fish, crab and oyster, and some arcades filled with clothes, shoes, jewelry, sports goods and other knick-knacks. Prices are all discounted but you can bargain with many of vibrant vendors. There are also many eateries with reasonable prices.

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4.0a week ago

Highly touristy place, lots of shops tax exempted, many nationalities aroud but even if you don't like shops and crowded places it is one of the must visit places in Tokyo. It is like an icon of markets but do not expect the best food or the best commodities, very colorful though and long-lasting in your memory for whatever reason you like... Recommended.

4.02 weeks ago

I wasn't really able to get around because it was heavily raining the day I visited but I was able to score really good deals on Japanese sweets to take home. We were also able to eat really fresh tuna and salmon over rice for a really low price of ¥500. Hopefully I will be able to explore more of Ameyoko when I come back and the weather is better.

4.02 months ago

A wonderful shopping and street food area when you are on a budget. Many people are in the area too hence, if you like lively places, this is the place to go. Great street food stalls to try all the local and international food. Also, if you want to get some dried products, this is the place to go too. Had a enjoyable experience wandering around and eating all the cheap and delicious street food. However, good stuff always have a long queue, so do give amble time to explore the place.

4.03 weeks ago

There's a lot of cool shops. They range from food to clothes to pharmacies. It's fun walking down the street and seeing what they have. The food stalls are great to eat at. I tried some Chinese food that were cheap. There's a lot of boba places too.

4.0a week ago

Like most comments say, it's pretty crowded but it wasn't that bad to be honest. There's a lot of small places to eat various food, candies etc. along the streets, as well as all kinds of stuff. Gotta check it out if you're in the area. I went around 4pm.

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