Ameyoko Shopping Street

Sightseeing information about Ameyoko Shopping Street in Japan.

Ameyoko Shopping Street4.0

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Ameyoko is a bustling shopping strip south of Ueno Station along the overhead train tracks. The street has an open-air market selling everything from groceries to fresh seafood such as fish, crab and oyster, and some arcades filled with clothes, shoes, jewelry, sports goods and other knick-knacks. Prices are all discounted but you can bargain with many of vibrant vendors. There are also many eateries with reasonable prices.

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5.03 weeks ago

Wonderful place to browse if you like markets and bargained stuff. Lots of stalls and huge market. Dried stuff, fresh seafood, facial wash, shampoo etc for ladies. Luggage bags and winter jackets are sold here too. Can spend at least two hours. Sashimi is delicious too

5.03 weeks ago

Ameyoko Market.
Bustling street market with lots of bags, snacks, fresh seafood and many more.
Many stalls selling fresh seafood here, and fresh fruits on stick. Also there are many eateries along the path.
Perfect place to explore street market in Tokyo for (elder) family members.

5.0a week ago

A real glimpse of what life used to be like in Tokyo in days gone by.
Lots of little shops, restaurants, bars, stalls.
When the weather is nice, it’s good to sit outside on the footpath and have a drink and some Yakitori chicken.
Also a great place to shop for shoes, clothes, sports goods, anything really.

5.0a month ago

A great place to visit if you need to buy souvenirs. For ladies who want to get cosmetic, the chemists here is much cheaper than other places. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Tokyo

4.04 weeks ago

Good stuff if you look hard. When you find a good price. The guy next door might have it for a couple hundred less. Be wary of which train station you came out of and avoid the 3 hour tour I engaged in. Worth the trip.

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