Ameyoko Shopping Street

Sightseeing information about Ameyoko Shopping Street in Japan.

Ameyoko Shopping Street4.0

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Ameyoko is a bustling shopping strip south of Ueno Station along the overhead train tracks. The street has an open-air market selling everything from groceries to fresh seafood such as fish, crab and oyster, and some arcades filled with clothes, shoes, jewelry, sports goods and other knick-knacks. Prices are all discounted but you can bargain with many of vibrant vendors. There are also many eateries with reasonable prices.

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5.0in the last week

Great place to find cheap things in the traditional part of Tokyo. Rather than the metropolitan Tokyo feel this place has the authenticity of more local cities like Osaka. Try many of the local shops or find rare delicacies in the basement of center building.

5.0a week ago

Might be a bit touristy but it's a perfect in-a-nutshell place for snippets of Japanese life. Play arcade games, get Japanese food (crepes, oysters), go shopping and see some fresh produce. Can make a day out of it in Ueno, together with a visit to the zoo.

5.02 weeks ago

Great place to get food and drinks then satisfy your shopping desires at the night market. You can find almost anything here. They have lots of stores that really embrace the American fashion. Japanese love american brands.

4.0in the last week

Must try the 100¥ malon slice, there are fast food available from various countries. Rich collection of products from wide variety of brands. As you walk along the road you will find yourself buying a lot more than what you planned for. Price is reasonable too. Careful not to waste all your time in just one shop. It really is a summary for tokyo’s soul.

5.0a month ago

Everything you want from a shopping street or night market. And it's under a subway track! I like the spaces under the bridge becoming drinking bars and shops and tiny restaurants. Lots to eat and drink and try and buy. Loved it.

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