Ameyoko Shopping Street

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Ameyoko Shopping Street4.0

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Ameyoko is a bustling shopping strip south of Ueno Station along the overhead train tracks. The street has an open-air market selling everything from groceries to fresh seafood such as fish, crab and oyster, and some arcades filled with clothes, shoes, jewelry, sports goods and other knick-knacks. Prices are all discounted but you can bargain with many of vibrant vendors. There are also many eateries with reasonable prices.

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5.0in the last week

So much to eat and so many little places to check out to buy souvenirs. It consist of 2 long strips of main roads but the little alleys and crossover underneath the railway bridge gives it a very local vibe. We walked up to there from Akihabara and just very excited as we walked closer to the location.

You will not be disappointed for food but you have to go early and beat the workers crowd as they know the good spots and will be there before you find it on other people's reviews. By the time it was 7pm, it was jammed packed (And this was on a weeknight too!)

5.0a week ago

Ameyoko Market was great. Great place to come get local street food and souvenir shopping. Prices and quality are good.

5.04 weeks ago

Chaotic open air market seeking fresh food, groceries, and new items. Many outlet clothing and shoe stores. Great way to kill an afternoon even if you don't buy anything

3.0a week ago

Nice open market. Good selection of clothes and food. A bit over touristic, but colorful and fun

3.0a month ago

Lots of stalls, especially for fruits, spices, etc. Good place for buying stuff for cooking. Lots of stalls selling bags. Tax-free. Lots of pharmacies. It's nice but can be overwhelming if you're just looking around with no specific stuff to buy. Very very many people.

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