Ameyoko Shopping Street

Sightseeing information about Ameyoko Shopping Street in Japan.

Ameyoko Shopping Street4.0

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Ameyoko is a bustling shopping strip south of Ueno Station along the overhead train tracks. The street has an open-air market selling everything from groceries to fresh seafood such as fish, crab and oyster, and some arcades filled with clothes, shoes, jewelry, sports goods and other knick-knacks. Prices are all discounted but you can bargain with many of vibrant vendors. There are also many eateries with reasonable prices.

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5.0in the last week

Local Japanese seafood stalls with lots and lots of fresh seafood smells in the air. The vibe and the vibrancy of the city buzz in this place. The walking around is enough to soak in the ambience and I don't think japan is a single race as I've seen lots of foreigners here making a decent living selling Turkish ice cream, kebab and Chinese stir fry. Multi-racial diversity at it's best

4.0a week ago

Typical China-town-like market you find in Asia.

Things I like:

1. Organised and very efficient use-of-space.
2. Lots of food and restaurants.
3. Convenient to get to.

Things to note:

1. The stuff here is not cheap. A bit of a tourist-trap if you ask me.
2. I’m questioning the originality of some of the fashion-wear here.
3. One of the restaurants we went to under the rail track was crawling with rats.
4. The strawberries-on-a-stick was sold right off the box where the handler just cut off the head and skewered it, without ever washing the fruit.

4.0in the last week

Great location, just across from Ueno Station. You can pretty much get your souvenir here plus yummy Japanese food and other country's cuisine. During Japanese New Year, most shops have "New Year lucky bag" plus other good discount. Get ready to shop and eat til you drop. Happy 2020!

5.03 weeks ago

This is a particularly stall that serves the freshest oysters and Sashimi but better still, together with sake or beer. Comes in a set. My partner love it so much she cannot stop raving about this stall. Small stall but all standing. But doesn't matter, still lovely place

5.0a month ago

Nice marketplace under and around the rail tracks, such efficient use space, so well constructed and maintained, even shacks or "holes in the wall" here in Tokyo can often look like something very special, people here really do take pride in their work. Beautiful!

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