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Tojinbo Cliffs (Tojinbo)4.0

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Tojinbo is a series of rugged cliffs which stretches 1km (0.6mile) on the coast of Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. These precipitous cliffs, which are spectacular when you see them up close, have long been known as a place of scenic beauty. The view from a height of 25 meters (82 feet) above water level, which is equivalent to the 8th floor of a building, is truly amazing. Tojinbo is said to be one of three places in the world where you can see the unusual type of rock formation called "columnar joint rocks of pyroxene andesite". There are many souvenir shops and seafood restaurants in the surrounding area with the Tojinbo Tower overlooking the Noto Peninsula, a promenade and a pleasure boat on which you can view the cliffs from the sea. Designated as a Natural Monument of Japan along with the Oshima Island at the tip of the coast.

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5.02 months ago

I feel like I must put it out there, that the ferry does not stop at the island with the Tori gate. I think it was about $15/pp at the time. It will slow down to let you take pictures, but you will not be able to disembark there.

It’s a beautiful place to behold, with food stalls and souvenir shops lined up along the sides. If you park at the top, don’t take the small, narrow metal case to go down. Apparently it’s private access ways for the shop employees and they discreetly placed a couch at the bottom to keep people from using it.

Rather, there’s a larger staircase (next to an awesome juice shack-highly recommend) that you can take.

5.05 months ago

Been here during summer.. yes it was hot.
But I enjoyed it because of Dramatic cliff view from the top of the cliff and even more amazing view from a boat at the sea

5.05 months ago

Beautiful rock formation and scenery you can ride a ferry to see around fukui area and a lot of sea foods you can buy, they can cook also if you request and parking fee of ¥500

5.0a month ago

Rocks intersection become many layer that really beautiful, sea around is nice also but watch your step carefully 😉

5.06 months ago

Amazing place! A privileged view of the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan. It has easy access parking, restaurants and a café.

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