Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden

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Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden (Atagawa Banana Wani En)3.5

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This zoological and botanical garden, featuring alligators and bananas, is located in Higashiizu-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture. Being heated by hot spring water from Atagawa Onsen hot springs, its Crocodile Garden (Wani En) keeps about 140 of the 16 species of crocodiles, alligators and a gharial, boasting the world's largest number of the species of the order Crocodilia. In its Annex Garden (Bun En), there are more than 20 species of bananas along with other tropical plants such as papaya, mango and fern palm trees. Animals including red pandas, giant tortoises and flamingos can also be seen in the Annex Garden. In its Botanical Garden (Shokubutsu En), there are Amazonian manatees and juvenile alligators/crocodiles among tropical plants such as lotus, orchids, hibiscus, bougainvillia and ferns, making the total species of tropical plants cultivated in the entire park to be more than 5,000. Fun events such as animal meal times, meet the animals, and photo sessions on the giant leaves of Victoria Amazonica lotus (children under 30kg/66 lb, during summer holiday season only) are also provided. (Japanese) (abridged version in English)

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5.011 months ago

The gardens are seriously amazing! There's three separate areas and they just keep going and going. First area has all the crocodiles and caiman you could wish for, then you cross the street and start through the maze of green houses full of blooming flowers even in the middle of November. Everything is well cared for and it was stunning. Then you take a shuttle bus up the hill to the third area and even more greenhouses and gardens including an entire room of banana trees! This area has a small zoo featuring red pandas. So cute! We absolutely loved it

5.04 months ago

Great place to visit and kid friendly. Bunch of information for children to learn and the shuttle bus in between makes the trip much easier. Nice!

5.010 months ago

Great alligator/banana garden! There are 3 different buildings, doable in 2.5 hrs for sure. There is a bus to take you up the hill to one of the locations even (take it, no one would ever walk that). It was like a maze of animals and lots of vegetation/plant exhibits. Also foot bath by the station is a must!

5.06 months ago

Come for the Crocs. Stay for the plants. The botanical garden is the highlight.

5.0a month ago

Lovely Alligators and great greenhouse experience.
Banio for life.

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