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Funaya (Boathouses) in Ine4.3

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On a little bay on the eastern side of the Tango peninsula, there is a village with 230 boathouses. These 'funaya' houses built on the coastline store fishing boats on the 1st level with living quarters on the 2nd floor. The structure dates back to the 18th century and the second floor were mostly added during the bounty fishing of amberjack after WWII.

The best way to view the houses is by a cruise boat (Ine-wan Meguri) which make a 30-min loop in the inlet. Another good spot is the nearby Michi-no-eki ('roadside station') rest area, whose restaurant give a great view the houses while you sample seafood fresh from the sea. This area is also getting well-known nationwide as a location for films and TV dramas.

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5.07 months ago

Cozy little fishing village.

5.0a year ago


5.02 years ago

A special place with beautiful view

4.02 weeks ago


3.0a month ago

很有味道很特別的風景跟住宿環境 很適合來逛一兩個小時但是如果要隔夜房子都很老舊而且遐想 廁所也比較沒有那麼不舒服就要想一想了

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