Osaka Aquarium

Sightseeing information about Osaka Aquarium in Japan.

Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan)4.6

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The walk-through aquarium displays an abundance of marine life, especially of the Pacific 'ring of fire' volcano belt region. It covers 30,000 animals of 600 different species from fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and invertebrates. With a total volume of water reaching 11,000 tons, this is definitely one of the largest aquarium worth a visit.

A walkway winds its way down from the 8th floor to explore life from 10 different ocean regions and levels, from Antarctic penguins to a huge variety of tropical fish and floating jellyfish. The most popular is the largest 9 meter-deep tank, which houses a gigantic whale shark and different types of manta. There are English explanations throughout.

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5.0a week ago

It was beautiful. I love the serenity of just sitting there and look at the big tank. They have a majestic whale! The aquarium is so clean it barely has any fish smell in the open area. Pictures don’t do this aquarium justice. Did I mention they have a whale?

5.0a month ago

Just beautiful.. no comparison at all..worth to spend time and money. Hundreds of species of sea creatures.. incredible to see sharks.. unbelievable small small sea of the most fascinating place in Osaka.. you can actually spend around 3 hours in there and won't regret even a single minute..every passing minute makes it more and more interesting and more and more adventurous..the real adventure comes at the end and leaves you just just awestruck.. must visit place of Osaka. Very well connected with train. Very well maintained and managed.

5.02 weeks ago

A great place to visit on a rainy day! Definitely worth the money. I would recommend seeing the whale shark feeding at 3p.m. as well as the jellyfish section. They have variety of fish, sharks, crustaceans, and sea mammals.

Make sure you arrive at 2p.m. in order to have sufficient time to reach the shark tank. It would be best to visit in the weekdays during school hours to avoid heavy crowds of children. Buy your tickets online, otherwise you will need to go through two queue: one to buy tickets and one to enter aquarium.

4.03 weeks ago

It's a really cool space apart from the main tank. Which again is an amazing concept, but having such a high quantity of sea life that are on the larger size including two whale sharks... it just seems a bit crammed. I hope it's all in check, if so, an amazing place to visit!

4.03 months ago

I was in awe of the whale sharks. You have to go during their feeding time. We saw the 3 p.m. feeding. I suggest you pick a spot somewhere on the middle level by a window and watch the entire spectacle. The cost of admission was simply worth seeing the whale sharks feed on plankton. There was a diver right at the mouth of one of the whale sharks helping to shovel in the plankton.

Basically the pathways in the aquarium revolved around the gigantic main tank where the whale sharks are. You start at the top and slowly spiral around the huge tank. In separate tanks of their own, you also see other creatures on the opposite side of the huge tank such as penguins, dolphins and seals. I might have given this a 5, but I have been to other aquariums that do a better job with dolling up the environment. This aquarium was quite minimalistic in terms of its decorations and signage.

But to see the whale sharks was wonderful! For me, this was the must-see attraction in Osaka.