Osaka Aquarium

Sightseeing information about Osaka Aquarium in Japan.

Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan)4.6

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The walk-through aquarium displays an abundance of marine life, especially of the Pacific 'ring of fire' volcano belt region. It covers 30,000 animals of 600 different species from fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and invertebrates. With a total volume of water reaching 11,000 tons, this is definitely one of the largest aquarium worth a visit.

A walkway winds its way down from the 8th floor to explore life from 10 different ocean regions and levels, from Antarctic penguins to a huge variety of tropical fish and floating jellyfish. The most popular is the largest 9 meter-deep tank, which houses a gigantic whale shark and different types of manta. There are English explanations throughout.

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5.02 weeks ago

It’s a beautiful aquarium with a large variety of sea life. Great way to get away from the heat and the crowds. You can spend hours here so plan accordingly. It’s air-conditioned. A great way to keep the kids entertained for hours. It’s a place the while family will enjoy. they have a really cute gift shop and lockers for you to save your items if you don’t wanna carry them.

4.03 weeks ago

I was in awe of the whale sharks. You have to go during their feeding time. We saw the 3 p.m. feeding. I suggest you pick a spot somewhere on the middle level by a window and watch the entire spectacle. The cost of admission was simply worth seeing the whale sharks feed on plankton. There was a diver right at the mouth of one of the whale sharks helping to shovel in the plankton.

Basically the pathways in the aquarium revolved around the gigantic main tank where the whale sharks are. You start at the top and slowly spiral around the huge tank. In separate tanks of their own, you also see other creatures on the opposite side of the huge tank such as penguins, dolphins and seals. I might have given this a 5, but I have been to other aquariums that do a better job with dolling up the environment. This aquarium was quite minimalistic in terms of its decorations and signage.

But to see the whale sharks was wonderful! For me, this was the must-see attraction in Osaka.

4.0a month ago

Nice aquarium, though very busy on a weekend (or maybe always? hard to know!), even though we were there at opening. Unlike other aquariums we have visited, this one is a one way experience - so you work through the aquarium, without the ability to go backwards. This is tricky, because you can't "plan" to see any of the feedings then. But besides this, great exhibits. One piece of advice - when you get to the whale shark tank - keep walking! We (and everyone) stopped at the first window, which was so crowded, only to find out after there were like 15 different windows to view them as they spiralled down - all less busy than that first window! It did take less time to visit than some other aquariums - the big draw being the whale sharks obviously. We were there about 1.5 hours. With the number of people pushing their way through it stopped being as enjoyable as we would have liked. But that being said, on a less busy day we would have enjoyed it more. One thing I appreciated was the focus on it being an animal education and care facility, and not just an amusement park of animals. For some that is a negative, but for us, a huge plus.

4.02 weeks ago

All the sea life seem to have adequate tank space and are well taken care of. The giant tank in the center of the path that you can see more and more of as you go was really cool. It's the existence of a path that kept me from giving it a full five stars. Like many Japanese exhibits, the aquarium is built in a very straightforward way and you can only go in one direction through the entire building. Especially with the Golden Week crowd, I felt like a sardine trying to swim upstream. This kept me from enjoying the aquarium more than say, one with a semi-open or open floor plan. Nevertheless, I still had a really good time. I got to see feedings and cleanings and Yuki the famous blubbery seal. She was so cute. The newer jellyfish exhibit is really good too.

5.02 weeks ago

Quite possibly the largest and most extensive jellyfish collection I’ve ever seen! The museum is well organized, clean, and informative. Almost every exhibit has an English translation, which is a bonus.

The staff clearly cares for and about each one of the creatures in the museum. From the dolphins to the crabs, they appear healthy and well cared for. I got to watch a couple staff members feed the seals and it was amazing to see the bond they had. Of course, animals in captivity will probably do anything for food but it still takes time and care to make the animals comfortable with close quarters human interaction.