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Sightseeing information about Tokyo DisneySea in Japan.

Tokyo DisneySea4.6

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Welcome to a world where Imagination and Adventure set sail!

After going through the gate, you will be amazed at the scenery that is so not Japan. Compared to Tokyo Disneyland, this theme park is designed with robust and sophisticate touches to appeal more to grownups and romantic couples. There are seven themed ports such as American Waterfront and Mediterranean Harbor, each stimulating a sense of adventure. The waterfront shows are so gorgeous that you will feel like submerged in a dream land.

Although DisneySea is considered a laid-back place, there are also high-speed thrill rides and heart-warming activities both adults and children can enjoy. What a fabulous theme park on the seaside with ever-lasting excitement!

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4.0a week ago

Was nice place. Rides I thought were mostly short especially when lining up for hours. The use of express tickets is a great idea.
Merchandise pricing was very good. Did was good for the price. Friendly staff willing to help with is English speaking people.

5.04 weeks ago

Loved it! Walking through it was almost better than the rides! The attention to detail is exceptional, it's like it's own little world! Highly recommend getting a fast pass as soon as you arrive and using the website to track attraction waiting times. You will need at least 1 whole day to experience it. The best Disney I've been to so far
(Don't miss the Fantasia show, it's phenomenal!)

4.0a week ago

Fun place. Different from other Disney parks. But wait times for rides exceed an hour due to lots of people. Also if you are there for opening your will see a mad dash by Japanese to get to first attraction. The literally run to get to the first attraction.

4.0in the last week

Very very crowded place, even a photography session with the mascots will require you to queue for more than an hour. The theme park rides are not bad though. Would be a good idea to get 2 days pass if you wish to try out all the rides in the theme park, or even 3/4 days pass if you are a hardcore Disney fan who wish to take photographs with all the characters mascots.

5.0in the last week

DisneySea is a place filled with happiness whenever to visit. The crew are very approachable and they will always wear a smile on their face.
One of my favorite attractions is the Venetian Gondolas. Take a ride on the gondola into the world of Vernice where the heart warming gondoliers will sing along as they show you around Palazzo Canals. Take a night gondola ride for a more romantic and elegant experience.
To be part of the Disney family, exclusive Disney Tokyo hairbands are available for purchase. Put on the hairbands to snap Disney theme photos while you roam around.
Ticket are easily online in order to skip the queue when you reach.
There’s always something for everyone at DisneySea!

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