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Sightseeing information about Tokyo DisneySea in Japan.

Tokyo DisneySea4.6

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Welcome to a world where Imagination and Adventure set sail!

After going through the gate, you will be amazed at the scenery that is so not Japan. Compared to Tokyo Disneyland, this theme park is designed with robust and sophisticate touches to appeal more to grownups and romantic couples. There are seven themed ports such as American Waterfront and Mediterranean Harbor, each stimulating a sense of adventure. The waterfront shows are so gorgeous that you will feel like submerged in a dream land.

Although DisneySea is considered a laid-back place, there are also high-speed thrill rides and heart-warming activities both adults and children can enjoy. What a fabulous theme park on the seaside with ever-lasting excitement!

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5.02 weeks ago

It was an amazing experience. The detailing of this place is outstanding and even the small places you don’t see are detailed to perfection. I waited 80 minutes in line to ride Indiana Jones, but there was a break down. Sadly I was unable to ride it, but the staff gave all waiters free fast passes for any ride, anytime as most of us waited so long. Although I wasn’t able to ride Indiana, I was able to enjoy many others including tower of terror, raging spirits, ect. I was a bit disappointed that the ride broke down, but sometimes causes happen. Staff were very friendly and some even spoke English! As a chubby person I would like to say that the rides are fat friendly, so don’t be scared if you think you won’t fit. Even if your unsure, they do have testers, so don’t be shy to ask a staff member to try. I recommend DisneySea if you are older and a thrill seeker. Disneyland is also recommended but I consider DisneySea more, as I love scary and jaw dropping rides. Food is quite nice, not too over expensive, same with souvenirs. I had a wonderful time here and I think you should add it to your go to list if you plan on visiting japan.

5.0a week ago

If you ever go to Tokyo, this is a place that you definitely have to visit. A great family place with lots of things to do and see. The park is very clean. You have to see the different shows the park has to offer such as the Little mermaid "Ariel" show. Over all, this was a great experience and I would definitely go back again.

5.0in the last week

I really enjoyed my time there^^ always felt welcomed by the staff there. The rides was very entertaining. Some I wouldn't do twice, but once is enough ^^ The atmosphere was terrific. Spaghetti bolognese pizza was intriguing. Ended up taking off the topping and eating it separately.
Overall very enjoyable.

1.0a month ago

The experience was interesting that it was the only Disney Sea in the world. The landscape is beautiful and unique. The snacks and food were interesting as well.

The difference is that the meet and greet with characters could be more efficient. For example, a princess was out but there was not a line to take pictures with her. Instead, she selected people in the crowd and it was not fair to my 4 year old (and many other children) that was there before many others and was patiently waiting. I was not the only parent that was disappointed in the arrangement. Our children were waiting in the heat and humidity. A second attempt, My husband and I were in line with our children to a small section of the park that had princesses in an air conditioned building but by the time we were 3rd away... we were told the section is now closed. A disappointment for sure to us as well as everyone else behind us that waited an hour. I have been to other Disney parks and many have a line to get into to take photos with characters.

5.0in the last week

A licensed Disney park that isn't owned by Disney!🧐. Had a great time and it was different then what I'm use to. Great place to go if you want to try something different. It's reasonably priced compared to actual Disney parks.

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