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Sightseeing information about Tokyo DisneySea in Japan.

Tokyo DisneySea4.6

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Welcome to a world where Imagination and Adventure set sail!

After going through the gate, you will be amazed at the scenery that is so not Japan. Compared to Tokyo Disneyland, this theme park is designed with robust and sophisticate touches to appeal more to grownups and romantic couples. There are seven themed ports such as American Waterfront and Mediterranean Harbor, each stimulating a sense of adventure. The waterfront shows are so gorgeous that you will feel like submerged in a dream land.

Although DisneySea is considered a laid-back place, there are also high-speed thrill rides and heart-warming activities both adults and children can enjoy. What a fabulous theme park on the seaside with ever-lasting excitement!

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5.0a week ago

Best theme park I've ever visited. Very unique and detailed, even for a Disney which is already top notch. I loved all their holiday decorations and lighting. So beautiful! Definitely the better of the two parks for adults with more fun rides. Love that you can get fast pass and some rides have single rider lines (just ask) that get you to the front very fast. Recommend checking websites to see which days are less busy. We were able to visit on a great day. All wait times (except toy story) were under an hour! But we only waited on line once because we utilized single rider lines and fast pass!

4.02 weeks ago

Love the whole atmosphere of being at DisneySea. However the queues were very long (about 1.5hours). That and the crowd took away some of the enjoyment (we came on a Monday). Go for the Fast Pass if you can.

The merchandise and service as usual were amazing. Something unique was visitors dressing up in various costumes as it was Halloween.

4.0a month ago

What I read from reviews, mostly recommending Disney Sea rather than Disneyland. I think Disney Sea is best described as stunning and magnificent. Every corner has its own specialty and you need to stop every time to take pictures. The games and shows are much waited. Perhaps the roller coaster are not that terrifying as you would find in Disneyland or other theme park but they are still enjoyable. Great place for adult and couples. I rated it 4 stars as I was expecting thrilling roller coaster.

5.0a week ago

Very very nice and beautiful place!! I was visiting with my family and we're very satisfied enjoying all things inside. Very recommended for family with kids and teens to play around. Entering Tokyo DisneySea just like entering a new different world. Want to come back to this place someday!

5.0a month ago

DisneySea is the most beautiful and detailed-oriented Disney park I've ever been to. Many people said go to this park before the Disney Land park in Tokyo. Great recommendation! Vibe was great, food vendors were great, and overall had a blast here. Still have yet gone to Disney Shanghai, but this is a must-visit if you're a Disney fanatic.

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