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Himeji Central Park in the northeast of the city of Himeji is a theme park that comprises a safari and an amusement park. The site has an expansive 200 hectares, offering safari experience by drive-through and on foot to view animals in natural environment. There is also the 'sky safari' which takes you up in the sky to view the wildlife from the gondola.

The amusement section has two roller coasters, a Ferris wheel. The swimming pool is open during the summer and a display of some 1,000 fireworks can be viewed each weekend. The skating rink is available during the winter months. The park is surrounded by mountains with fresh air and is a good family resort that people of all ages can enjoy.

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2.03 weeks ago

Any westerners going here should be aware the animals have very tiny, sad pens. Lacking in grass, trees, structures, huge wire, water, and space. Poop is everywhere. There are four rhinos confined to a tiny area with viewers encouraging fights while eating ice cream.

The amusement park is a trap too. The long time between bus rides to the safari is a scam to get you to go into the amusement park. Your entry fee doesn’t buy you entry to rides. Those cost more and are sub par on their best day.

They will try and trick you by upwelling you to caged bus rides. The cheapest option is a normal tour bus with air conditioning and windows. The cages would’ve been almost entirely pointless except the park would’ve gotten 4000 more yen out of you.

1.03 months ago

DO NOT GO to this place. It's a rip off. Even though the attractions are listed as separate, you are required to buy a ¥3600 yen ticket and then buy Individual tickets to the safari. You are also required to buy individual tickets to the ice skating even if you don't go to the amusement park. All in all a family of four will spend ¥15000 for attractions you don't use.

We are Japanese native speakers so it's not a language limitation issue. It's simply not stated on the website.


5.08 months ago

A fantastic family day out (family of four, children 6 and 2).
Went on a Friday and aside from a few school groups, both the safari park and amusement park were very very quiet. I imagine it gets much busier in on the weekends/school breaks.

Were able to drive around the safari at a leisurely pace and stop to see many animals. It is the perfect size and takes about 30 mins to get around.

The amusement park is a little old but we all had a great time. My 6-year old son is over 120cm so could go on almost all the rides (aside from a couple of the larger roller-coasters) and there was plenty for my youngest son to enjoy free-of-charge too.

Highly recommended.

1.02 months ago

I came to Himeji Central Park to celebrate with my family. On their website they claim that the safari bus is only ¥800. This is misadvertisment and you will only understand why once you ride 30 minutes from the city center to the park. The truth is it's a waste of time and your money. Admission for adults costs ¥3600, and that is JUST for admission. They fail to say on the website that if you want to do anything inside the park, it costs extra. We thought at first that it was just miscommunication on their part but sure enough it was misadvertisment. This place is a scam and it's not worth your time going. There are so many other places that you can go that's worth your buck. Unless you are planning to go blow tons of money, and have enough time on your hands for when it rains (they shut down the whole park when it rains, just by the way), I don't recommend this place.

3.02 months ago

Not bad, you learn a lot about the animals by listening to the audio guide, somehow most big animals just turn lazy once put in a zoo so don't expect to see much action.

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