Abashiri Prison Museum

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Abashiri Prison Museum3.1

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You may have watched prison scenes on TV or films, but this place gives you a decent idea of what an Arctic-like, freezing prison must have felt like. The museum was originally a prison built in the 1890s for felony convicts including political prisoners.

A visit involves walking around a number of old and reconstructed buildings with mannequins and sound effects to recreate the atmosphere. You can even enter into a punishment chamber and taste a food served there. There are English information boards outside each building.

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5.0a month ago

It is quite amazing that a maximum security prison has turned into an elegant and beautiful museum. Guided tours lasting either 60 or 90 minutes can be undertaken, though prior reservation is required. Information brochures for foreign tourists are available in English, Korean and Chinese. Cafeteria and souvenir shop can be found in the museum. Admission fee is needed and the price is reasonable anyway.

4.02 months ago

A historical place where is food for everyone to learn not only about the history of Japan, but we can also build a moral culture from coming here.
This place has kind of a long history of itself and those are shown on every inches. The sadness and loneliness come out of the walls. It's cold and give me some kind of feelings that the children might not like this place so much. But it's a great experience coming here

4.03 months ago

Interesting place that shows prison life both present and past, not shying away from the harshness of life during the Meiji period either.

Takes a couple of hours to go round. Very good accessibility. Fair bit for kids to see and do. A lot of language support on pretty much everything.

3.02 months ago

Museum is fine, but people who sell entrance tickets are unable to use foreign visa cards and are rather unpleasant. Same for the souvenir boutique, it's definitely not a warm place you want to stay... reminiscence of the past of the place ?

5.04 months ago

good place to visit in Abasiri. check the bus time table to plan your trip well

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