Abashiri Prison Museum

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Abashiri Prison Museum3.1

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You may have watched prison scenes on TV or films, but this place gives you a decent idea of what an Arctic-like, freezing prison must have felt like. The museum was originally a prison built in the 1890s for felony convicts including political prisoners.

A visit involves walking around a number of old and reconstructed buildings with mannequins and sound effects to recreate the atmosphere. You can even enter into a punishment chamber and taste a food served there. There are English information boards outside each building.

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5.0a month ago

This place is an amazing spot to learn about the history of prisons and prison labor in Japan. There are many buildings throughout this huge complex that's have everything from informational panels to mannequins and life-size replicas. It was very interesting to see how modern Japan is so different from Japan just 50 to 100 to 150 years ago.

5.0in the last week

What a fantastic museum! It’s so well maintained and some of the exhibits are too real. There is sound and visual. I’m glad I came here!

5.02 months ago

Wow! A lot of effort went into this museum. Amazing number of restorations with very good English interpretations. A very large portion of it is outdoors so prepare for the weather. Really glad I never had to be interred at a Japanese prison. Yikes!

4.03 months ago

Very interesting multilingual museum. A lot of time and effort clearly went into the design and research here. There is some interactive parts as well! Make sure to bring sunscreen and some water if you’re doing the full tour in the summer, you’ll be doing a great deal of outdoor trekking,

5.07 months ago

It is quite amazing that a maximum security prison has turned into an elegant and beautiful museum. Guided tours lasting either 60 or 90 minutes can be undertaken, though prior reservation is required. Information brochures for foreign tourists are available in English, Korean and Chinese. Cafeteria and souvenir shop can be found in the museum. Admission fee is needed and the price is reasonable anyway.

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