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Abashiri Prison Museum3.1

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You may have watched prison scenes on TV or films, but this place gives you a decent idea of what an Arctic-like, freezing prison must have felt like. The museum was originally a prison built in the 1890s for felony convicts including political prisoners.

A visit involves walking around a number of old and reconstructed buildings with mannequins and sound effects to recreate the atmosphere. You can even enter into a punishment chamber and taste a food served there. There are English information boards outside each building.

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5.03 weeks ago

This place is a great tourist attraction in Northeast Hokkaido. There's plenty to take in, whether it be the natural scenery surrounding the old prison, or Hokkaido colonization history. If you come during Golden Week, there are quite a few events for children to try. Definitely recommend trying the prison set meals as well. Fish, rice, a bit of pickled vegetables. They'll run you about 700 or 800 yen depending on which one you want. There's a curry rice set for kids and adults with the taste of children.

5.0in the last week

This is a must see location, plenty of language options, great history and an invigorating walk. Getting here is a little complex as the airport bus takes you to a bus stop about 50 meters from another bus stop that you need to go to get to the museum. I highly recommend trying the food once your here as it is a unique experience

5.02 months ago

More than just a discontinued prison camp, this large campus shows over 20 buildings with old tools and explanations of how this very remote prison operated on a self sufficient basis until the early 1980s. The buildings are all wood construction and offer free tours as well as a museum explaining how the prisoners built more than 700km of roads to open up the North West of Hokkaido. My favorite is the cafeteria inside the prison mess Hall (not the regular restaurant at the front gate) which serves prison meals during the summer. Although the regular restaurant offers similar fare, eating among orange clad prisoner mannequins gives the whole meal a different taste.

4.0a month ago

Beautiful grounds and buildings. One of the few attractions which caters to an English audience with translations in all media used including videos that were thoughtfully produced and tastefully presented.

4.04 months ago

I really don’t have any words to explain about this place. But the presentation about the history and exhibition is really amazing. It is a good place to learn history about Hokkaido, where is come from and how important of the prisoners who working for this beautiful island.

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