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Porto Europe (Porto Europa)2.5

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A Mediterranean themed leisure park located in the Wakayama Marina City, an artificial island on Wakaura Bay. The park is divided into two zones: the Porto Europa Zone with a full-scale reproduction of streets in an Italian seaside town, an old castle in Spain and traditional French town and the Amusement Park Zone with roller coasters and Ferris wheels. Even if you are from European countries and not enthusiastic about the Western things, the nearby Kuroshio Ichiba (Kuroshio Market), where you can taste Sushi and other Japanese cuisine with fresh sea foods, might be appealing.
Free entrance (Tickets required for attractions).
Location: 1527 Kemi, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
Arrive by Train: 30 minutes from Wakayamashi Station (Nankai Electric Railways) or Wakayama Station (JR West Japan) to the Marina City by Wakayama Bus or
15 minutes from Kainan Station (JR West Japan) to the Marina City by Wakayama Bus.
Arrive by Car: 5 minutes from the Kainan IC on the Hanwa Expressway.

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5.02 months ago

Great for families with young kids and toddlers. Lots of activities for them to do.

Good seafood restaurant, BBQ spot, on the water with great views, hot spring, nice hotel.

My family went for summer fireworks and had a blast!

5.08 months ago

Super majestic castle and nice place to have a date/take pictures

2.0a year ago

This place is pretty yearning. This facility was so narrow. If you are with a child, you will be able to enjoy this place as well. We do not recommend this place for adults only groups and individuals.

4.010 months ago

It's quite good, but ride costs adds up quickly~

5.0a year ago

Nice and fresh BBQ....good places to visit. So impressed!

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