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Wakayama Marina City2.8

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An artificial island resort which is surrounded by the beautiful coastline, a gentle climate and a rich natural environment of Wakaura Bay, Wakayama Prefecture. On the island there are attractions including a theme park "Porto Europa", a seafood market "Kuroshio Market (Kuroshio Ichiba)", a day-spa facility "Spa Resort Kuroshio Onsen" and "Sea Fishing Park" where even beginners can enjoy fishing easily.

Main facilities:
Porto Europe (Mediterranean-inspired theme parks with attractions)
Kuroshio Market (Seafood market where you can eat and buy fresh Japanese fish or watch the Tuna-Cutting Show)
Kinokuni Fruit Village (Farmers market where you can buy fresh local Wakayama fruits/vegetables)
Kishu Kuroshio Onsen (A Day-Spa facility which uses water from a 1500 meter-deep seabed)
Sea Fishing Park (You can enjoy fishing at a fishing pond or on a breakwater with rental rods)
Wakayama Marina City Hotel
Sol Casa del Mare (Resort residence with wedding shops)
Wakayamakan (Wakayama prefecture product shops, dome theater, rental meeting room)
Wakayama Marina (Public Marina)
Yacht Club (Private Marina)
Resort apartments

Location: 1527 Kemi, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
Arrive by Train: 30 minutes from Wakayamashi Station (Nankai Electric Railways) or Wakayama Station (JR West Japan) to the Marina City by Wakayama Bus or
15 minutes from Kainan Station (JR West Japan) to the Marina City by Wakayama Bus.
Arrive by Car: 5 minutes from the Kainan IC on the Hanwa Expressway
Admission: Free (Fee required for some attractions)
Parking: 3,500 cars, 1500 yen/day for a regular car

https://www.marinacity.com/marinacity/ (Japanese)
http://www.marinacity.com/eng/ (English)

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Airport/Sta.Wakayama sta. (about 8.7km) Google Transit


5.0a week ago

Great for families with young kids and toddlers. Lots of activities for them to do.

Good seafood restaurant, BBQ spot, on the water with great views, hot spring, nice hotel.

My family went for summer fireworks and had a blast!

4.03 months ago

Kids enjoyed it, seafood Market was ok, lots of Chinese tourists

4.010 months ago

Wakayama’s Marina City is a seafood market a playground for kids and adults alike. Greeted with condominiums and plenty of yachts by the harbor.
You’ll find Porto Europa, a theme park made to look like a Mediterranean coastal town. Entrance to the theme park is free but you need to pay for rides. There’s also a helpful English-speaking receptionist by the entrance who assisted you with bus schedules back to the city.

5.07 months ago

Fresh food. The highlight is tuna cutting. Very very impressive.

3.0a year ago

We came here in spring when it was not so busy so it was great getting on some rides. Strange French Riviera feel. Good market to go for lunch, grab some food and cook it on the BBQ's. Sweet little area but not too much going on.

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