【World Heritage】Okuno-in Temple in Mt.Koya

Sightseeing information about 【World Heritage】Okuno-in Temple in Mt.Koya in Japan.

【World Heritage】Okuno-in Temple in Mt.Koya3.5

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Mt. Koya or Koyasan is a basin running 2 km north-south and 4 km east-west, surrounded by 900m-high mountains, and located in the Koya Town of Wakayama Prefecture.
It is one of the holy sanctuaries afforded to Kukai aka Kobo-Daishi, who was an influential monk, by the emperor as a place for eternal meditation in 816(Heian Era). Kukai founded the Shingon Sect of Japanese Buddhism.
"Danjo Garan(Sacred Temple Complex)" is part of Mt. Koya, the center of Shingon Buddhism. Along with Okunoin Temple(the inner sanctuary), Danjo Garan is one of the two great sacred spots of Mt. Koya.
As a focal point of spiritual belief in Koyasan, "Okuno-in Temple" is a holy land where Kukai continues on in meditation today. In the short 2km road from Ichi-no-hashi Bridge to Kobo Daishi Mausoleum, over two hundred thousand tomb stones and Buddhist memorials including famous samurai loads have been lined along the cedar trees for a good thousand years.
When Kukai was 62 years old, he passed into eternal meditation in the Okunoin Temple. And some believe the Kukai did not die, but is in a higher level of meditaion.

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5.0a month ago

A truly fantastic and mysterious place.

The strong faith that Kobo Daishi is still alive is alive.

If you want to go, first thing in the morning is recommended.
It was a mist and it was a very nice atmosphere. The air changes when you cross the bridge. It is about a 20-minute walk from Ichinohashi to the temple.

3.0in the last week

Kukai who was the founder of Shingon-Sect stays peacefully this area forever. So many people especially historical great persons built their tombs. Today, many company build their tombs to offer prayer.

5.010 months ago

Powerful and beautiful spiritual place. The most revered Buddhist cemetery in Japan. Take your time and get lost along the winding paths through the forest and various shrines. We took a nighttime walking tour with a local monk which was an amazing experience; we ended up going through it both at night and the next day.

5.09 months ago

Largest graveyard in Japan. There is also a walking tour packages around 1,500 yen for this place just ask the staff of the place your staying in. If you want peaceful walk then do it in the morning at around 5AM. It may be a cemetery but this is one of the most peaceful places I've been to inside Japan.

5.09 months ago

One of the most amazing places I've visited in Japan. Highly recommended, especially if you enjoy history or cemeteries. Walking through was very peaceful.

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