Marble Village Lockheart Castle

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Marble Village Lockheart Castle (Dairiseki-mura Lockheart-jo)2.8

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Lockheart Castle is a real Scotish castle which was transfered to Japan. It was constructed southwest of Edinburgh in 1829 as Milton Lockhart House, was dismantled in 1987, was shipped to Japan in 1988 via the Siberian Railroad and container vessels, and was rebuilt by 1993 in a theme park in Takayama-mura Village, Gunma Prefecture, as the first restored Western castle in Japan. The theme park, Marble Village, has the concept to introduce stones and European culture and the Lockheart Castle is situated in the reproduced town of medieval Europe. A variety of European goods including collections of jewelries, books, and figures of Santa Clauses from all over the world are exhibited in the castle. There are museums of teddy bears, of perfumes and of stones including fossils and ores on site. (Japanese)

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4.0a year ago

A very beautiful European town themed place. Especially the mini version of the Lockhart castle. My visit during the winter was worth it when the castle is covered in snow. Even the food you get here is European. The museum inside is quite good. You could easily spend at least 3 hours here.

5.07 months ago

Castle Lockhart is a fun place to explore with friends or family. It was originally a castle built in Spain and was moved to Gunma. Entrance fee is ¥1000. Once inside you can check out some small museum exhibitions about rocks and dinosaurs. There is also a bell tower where you can ring a bell at the very top. The park has a restaurant serving European style food, dishes are about ¥1200 each. Finally, the castle itself is nice, and not too big. You can rent clothing and walk around the castle and park grounds to take photos. When you leave, there's a gift shop selling stones and bracelets.

5.02 years ago

This place is so beautiful and romantic!! You can buy a glass/metal heart to place somewhere around the grounds with your significant other. It was a cool experience. This would be a nice place to get married. I love the surrounding trees, and the castle is gorgeous. Definitely worth it if you’re in the area.

5.011 months ago

A good day for to enjoy a autumn weather!!!

4.0a year ago

Very typically Japan random tourist attraction. Pretty chintzy overall, but somewhat entertaining. Be sure to come in June when the roses are in bloom, but be ready for crowds. Check out Kelly as well, a Canadian playing some nice tunes outdoors on the weekend.
Would normally only give three stars, but added one because they let us bring our dog and seat him on the throne, where he belongs!

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