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Marble Village Lockheart Castle (Dairiseki-mura Lockheart-jo)2.8

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Lockheart Castle is a real Scotish castle which was transfered to Japan. It was constructed southwest of Edinburgh in 1829 as Milton Lockhart House, was dismantled in 1987, was shipped to Japan in 1988 via the Siberian Railroad and container vessels, and was rebuilt by 1993 in a theme park in Takayama-mura Village, Gunma Prefecture, as the first restored Western castle in Japan. The theme park, Marble Village, has the concept to introduce stones and European culture and the Lockheart Castle is situated in the reproduced town of medieval Europe. A variety of European goods including collections of jewelries, books, and figures of Santa Clauses from all over the world are exhibited in the castle. There are museums of teddy bears, of perfumes and of stones including fossils and ores on site. (Japanese)

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5.0a month ago

A real Scottish castle in Japan. Nice place to visit with family and friends, make sure you have enough time to rent a dress and do a photo shoot, if you are a enthusiast.

5.09 months ago

Really beautiful place, lots of things to do and a great place to visit with children

5.0a year ago

I recomend to visit tjis place! van experience like a real princess and prince!.you can choose your attire and make ups are in package!.very cool!..i like it very much!

4.0a year ago

This place was very strange but interesting. There is also an old man who walks ducks

4.02 years ago

We went here last April 2018 with my family. The castle gave me a very western vibe especially the inside museum. It was pleasing. What I love about this castle is you can dress up like a princess.

I recommend visiting this if you are living/staying around or near Gunma with your partner. But if you are from a far place and wants to go here, there are greater western castles you can find aside from this.

I hope my review helps.

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