Kashiya Yokocho

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Kashiya Yokocho (Penny Candy Lane)2.6

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Kashiya Yokocho (Penny Candy Lane), located in Kawagoe city, is popular for its traditional style Japanese sweets shops. More than 20 shops line along the alley paved with stones and candy-like colorful glass pebbles. Various cheap sweets, snacks and toys for kids are sold in the nostalgic shops built in early Meiji period (around 1870s).
Japanese traditional Kumi-ame cylindrical candies, which are made to show colorful illustrations wherever they are sliced, are available at Tamariki Seika Confectionery. Sweet rice dumplings (Dango) and sweet potato snacks are also popular - sweet potato ice cream is one of the must-eats in Kawagoe.
3 min. walk from the Kurazukuri Zone (Kawagoe Ichibangai Street).

Travel by train: Kawagoe Station (JR or Tobu Tojo Line)
Travel by car: 15 min. from Kawagoe IC

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Airport/Sta.Kawagoe Sta. (about 1.9km) Google Transit


5.02 months ago

Very busy and popular place for locals and tourists! I regularly come here with family, the locals are also kind and caring and will help you when you need it I highly recommend this area

5.03 months ago

Small town, so lovely place! Love at first sight! Hope to visit again next time!

4.04 months ago

Beautiful place. Everything is beautifully arranged in a candy theme. Get ready to buy a lot of candies.

4.04 months ago

It's basically shops houses / front from 16th century Kobe designed houses openning for business selling local snacks. Seems like sweet potatoes are the highlight here. Great place but do be prepared for some walking.

4.07 months ago

Small alley in a small town. Good traditional vibes. If you like sweets this place is perfect for you. In the end of the road, you can found traditional kids candy shop with very affordable price

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