Ikaho Toy, Doll & Car Museum

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Ikaho Toy, Doll & Car Museum (Ikaho Omocha to Ningyo, Jidosha Hakubutsu-kan)3.0

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This theme park, located in Yoshioka Town, Gunma Prefecture, is a large-scale complex museum of private collections. Along with Toy & Doll Museum and Classic Car Museum, there are other facilities including Teddy Bear Museum, Classic Mini Museum, Professional Wrestling Museum, Wine and Beer Museum, Chocolate Factory, Nostalgic Japanese Market Street, Military Zone, collections about old films/TV programmes and many more. They also features the Toyota and the Tofu shop from Initial D!

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5.0a month ago

One of the coolest museums I’ve visited here in Japan. It’s so large they had to move some items outside, it even has a spooky haunted house that will creep you out.

5.0a month ago

For the first time I never felt ripped off by some gallery as a tourist. The collection is definitely worth the time. You could literally spend 3+ day dreaming in nostalgia without being aware of how quickly time passes whilst trying to find you way out. It’s and Interesting place to visit on top of an already rich tourist spots in place around the area.
Well layout and setup, Not sure if they copied the layout idea from IKEA or it’s the other way round. And sure I might visit again next time when I am in town tbh it’s nostalgia overload.

4.0a month ago

Have many vintage toys, dolls and cars, almost information is in Japanese, some places are very tight, also have coffee shop and souvenirs. Beware of the creepy dolls

5.011 months ago

They have all sorts of things here. But warning-once you have entered, it’s quite a walk to get through to the end! Toys, old school console games, etc. I returned here the next day to buy some stuff from the Drift D store (yen only) and it was quite an exercise to power walk to the exit.

For all the Initial D fans out there, you have to go enjoy the Initial D cafe (about 2.5 miles away) and come here to enjoy this as well. So much nostalgia.

If you appreciate cars, car enthusiasts will occasionally show up with their modded cars as well and come to pay tribute. They have an amazing collection of classic cars in this museum.

There are cafes and a restaurant in here as well, in case the long walk stirs you up an appetite.

5.0a month ago

Very good collection
If ur into japanese car culture u have to visit

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