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Takedera Temple (Take-dera)2.0

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Takedera is the only temple left in East Japan which still show the syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism, which had long been common in Japan. This temple has a torii gate which is the symbol of Shinto shrines, dedicates to the Gozu-Tenno (a guardian deity of Buddhism and considered to be the same god as Susanoo-no-mikoto in Shinto), enshrines Yakushi-Nyorai (Medicine Buddha) and has a Kannon-do hall which enshrines the Aryavalokitesvara at the same time. The temple is also known as the temple of Haiku poems and a number of poets, writers and artists visited there. Shojin-ryori (traditional temple vegetarian cuisine) can be tasted during spring and autumn, being hosted by the head priest with his sermon (Reservation required). Take-dera literally means "Bamboo Temple".
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5.03 years ago

This temple is one of the most unique I have visited here in Japan. It has a strange feel to it compared to many other temples I've visited. It almost feels wild, but peaceful. Definitely worth checking out.

5.04 years ago

The grounds and surrounding pond are awfully beautiful. There's a peace bell here which was apparently constructed out of an unexploded world war 2 era bomb casing. I've never seen a temple as interesting as this one in Japan.

5.04 years ago

This is the place to go of you want peace and quiet. You could walk through a bamboo pathway, take a hike until Nenogonggen, or just take a seat and enjoy your bento lunch.

If you want to experience Shojin Ryori, you could have it here as long as you reserve at least a day before. Just remember that the restaurant is closed during Summer and Winter months.

5.04 weeks ago

From the child's Gongen Tenryuji Temple, go down the mountain and climb again to reach Takedera Temple. The road is very narrow and be careful of cars passing by. Musashino 33 Kannon, the 33rd temple of the petition. The principal image is Gozu-Tennō and the only temple of Shinto and Buddhism in eastern Japan.
I received a red stamp and a certificate of application from Holy Kannon of 33 Kannon. Then, for a while, I went around the temple and headed home unfortunately.
Musashino 33 Kannon Gokaicho Road bike was the last temple to go around the red stamps, aiming for a petition. Last time, I applied by public transportation and car, but this time the weather is fine every day, so I went from my house to the temple by road bike or by wheel to the station near the temple from the beginning of June. I was able to apply safely for a total of 4 days. I received the red stamp of the Holy Kannon Bodhisattva, received the petition bracelet to commemorate the petition, ran to Hanno station, went around and returned to my home. By the way, when I asked the temple, I was the second applicant.
This will be the second petition for the Kaichō Goshuin tour in November 2020. The temple people remembered me. This day was a good memory for me to celebrate my birthday like this.

5.02 weeks ago

If you go to the back via Hanno, there is a sign called Takedera on the slope so that it goes up to the left.
I will arrive from there without running too much
The parking lot is large and there are vending machines
Adjacent to the parking lot
The toilet is not very clean
Sometimes there is no paper
Women are hard
Some are cute first
Jizo will come to you
If you go to Ushimaou or further
There are stairs and you can visit beyond that
Admission is free so you can relax
There is also a board that protects you
You can also write your wishes
I don't like the photo if I think it was stolen by someone else, so I put a helmet on it
I'm taking a picture of a motorcycle
Please note
Negative ions are great until you arrive at the site, so if you open the window and drive a little
There are many people walking on motorcycles in the early morning because they are trash in the area.
Please drive safely and at low speed.

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