Akagi Shrine / Mt. Akagi, Gunma Prefecture

Sightseeing information about Akagi Shrine / Mt. Akagi, Gunma Prefecture in Japan.

Akagi Shrine (Akagi Jinja) / Mt. Akagi, Gunma Prefecture2.0

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Akagi-jinja Shrine, which sits on the eastern shore of Lake Ono on Mt. Akagi in Gunma Prefecture, enshrines Akagi Daimyojin, the diety of Mt.Akagi and the lake. Being located on the peninsula called Kotori-ga-shima (Bird Island), which is mentioned in the Shintoshu (the collection of shinto and buddhisum legends), the shrine is worshiped as the shrine to convey ancient Sangaku-sinko (worship of a mountain) and rituals to the present day.
http://akagijinja.jp/ (Japanese)

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5.03 months ago

Serene especially very early in the morning. It's on a spit of land in the middle of a crater lake. Not to mention it is an Initial D location for all you car enthusiasts out there.

4.09 months ago

This place is beautiful! However, I think the place should have more toilets available for the visitors. There was only one in the parking lot to be used by men and women and, even in a day where there were not so many people, there was people lined up to use that single toilet. There were more toilets available, but those places were closed due to maintenance. This is the only negative thing I could mention about this place. The surroundings are great! Recommend.

5.0a year ago

Perfect place for summer escape

3.0a year ago

Went during Autumn October. Lovely weather but the bridge is under repair... 😭

5.02 months ago

Beautiful shrine and location.

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