Kusatsu Tropical Wonderland

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Kusatsu Tropical Wonderland (Kusatsu Nettai-ken)2.5

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Kusatsu Tropical Wonderland (Kusatsu Nettai-ken)is a zoo and a botanical garden which utilizes geothermal heat from the nearby Kusatsu Hot Springs. Along with tropical/subtropical plants, there are animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes from the tropical/subtropical areas including Pigmy marmosets, ruffed lemurs and capybaras. You can also experience a fish spa with Garra fufa aka Doctor Fish. Being situated at an elevation of 1,165m (3,822 feet), it is also known as the highest zoo in Japan. Dogs allowed.
http://nettaiken.com/index.html (Japanese)

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5.05 months ago

It's a little old, but really fun. You can feed monkeys and other animals.

4.03 years ago

I had a great time even though it's a small, smelly, and dirty zoo. My dog came and had a nice time playing with the animals. You can handle chicken, and touch a few other animals like lemur? Feed pigs and talk to the 50yo monkey grandpa.

5.0a year ago

Really loved it, really good variety of animals! great for kids!

5.010 months ago

Amazing animal wonderland

1.0a year ago

Horrible and inhumane to see most of the animals & fish stuffed in very small cages. Wouldn't recommend and wouldnt come here again.

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