Kichijoji Temple / Kawaba Village, Gunma Prefecture

Sightseeing information about Kichijoji Temple / Kawaba Village, Gunma Prefecture in Japan.

Kichijoji Temple (Seiryu-zan Kichijo-ji) / Kawaba Village, Gunma Prefecture2.0

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A Rinzai sect Buddhist temple, Seiryu-zan Kichijo-ji Temple, was established in 1339 in Kawaba Village, Gunma Prefecture. The statue of Shakyamuni Triad in the Shaka-do Hall and Statues of the 16 Rakans in the San-mon Gate are standing in a solemn atmosphere. You can also enjoy flowers and plants, including Kakitsubata (Iris laevigata), Kurin-so(Japanese primrose) and Torikabuto (monkshood), throughout the year at the temple which is also known as the "Flower Temple". (Japanese only)

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5.011 months ago

Beautiful zen temple from the 1300s with expansive grounds and gardens, ancient trees, and a variety of flowers throughout the year. I felt the gift shop right in the entrance of the main building was just a bit on the tourist-oriented side. This could be a popular stop on elderly-oriented bus tours where they march through, but it rewards spending time and contemplating. Bought a small Buddha statue from a very old man selling his wares under the temple gate -- talking to him was one of the highlights of my trip.

5.02 years ago

A beautiful temple.If you like Kyoto, I really recommend that you visit this place.
You can see an old temple, Japanese garden, flowers , also you can hear sound of water.
[how much] 500yen entrance fee
[how to go] By car or by train and bus.
Get off JR Numata station(沼田駅), and ride on the bus.
[time] 9am to 5pm
You can eat lovely Wagashi(和菓子) 500yen!

This information was written in Sep.2018.
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5.010 months ago

nice garden in Autumn

5.0a week ago


4.02 months ago


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