Lake Ono / Lake Onuma

Sightseeing information about Lake Ono / Lake Onuma in Japan.

Lake Ono / Lake Onuma (Ono / Onuma)2.8

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A caldera lake which is made between the outer rim of a crater and the central cone of Mt. Akagi in Gunma Prefecture. Surrounded by primeval forests, you can enjoy a 1-hour walk on a promenade around the lake. By crossing the red bridge called Kitsutsuki-bashi (Woodpecker Bridge), you can get to the peninsula called Kotori-ga-shima (Bird Island) on which Akagi-jinja Shrine is situated. Alongside the shrine there also is a stone monument which carries the extracts from a story by Naoya Shiga. Rowing boats and fishing are main attraction on the lake - the lake freezes in winter and you can enjoy Wakasagi (smelt) fishing on the ice.

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5.04 months ago

A very scenic spot surrounded by Akagi mountain series. It is lake over the crater and at times you will see clouds just over the river which in turn will give an an impression of an endless water body spread across the sky.
Boating is also available for individuals and groups.At this height too, there are many souvenir and food shops to explore.
It is around 1.5 hours drive away from Kiryu city (a city in Gunma prefecture). So you will have to go all the way up during this 1.5 hour journey, the roads have many turns at acute angles. But the place is worth enjoying and relaxing.

5.06 months ago

very good

5.02 years ago

Great reprieve from the summer heat, very relaxing!

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5.06 months ago


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