Ichinokura Sawa Ravine

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Ichinokura Sawa Ravine (Ichinokura-sawa)2.5

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Ichinokura-sawa, a ravine carved into the north side of Mt. Tanigawa-dake in Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture, is one of Japan's major rock faces and a rock-climbing mecca. It is located 3.5km (2.2 miles) from the Tanigawa-dake Ropeway Bus Stop along Japan National Route 291. After one hour walk through woods, the view opens suddenly and the sheer cliffs of Ichinokura-sawa appears in front of you. As it has a scenic beauty like Alps mountains, Ichinokura-sawa is popular among the rock climbers while it is also called Ma-no-Ganpeki (the Rock Face of Death, Treacherous Rock Face) for it is extremely difficult to climb and the weather here tends to change suddenly, causing a considerable numbers of accidents. The overwhelming appearance of the cliff, viewing from its foot, is an impressive sight itself. Snow and ice can be visible throughout the summer, and it is amazing to see it in the end of October when it is surrounded by flaming autumn foliage.
Traffic restricted during throughout year.
Minakami Town http://www.enjoy-minakami.jp/place.php?itemid=885 (Japanese only)

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You can reach the view spot from ropeway station within 30 minutes.

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Autumn leaves spot

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I have ridden on an electric vehicle where I saw a snowy gorge.

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