Gumma Glass Art Museum

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Gumma Glass Art Museum (Gunma Garasu Kogei Bijutsu-kan)2.0

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Gunma Glass Art Museum, located in Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture, features its collection of works by Art Nouveau artists such as glass arts by Charles Martin Émile Gallé and furnitures by Louis Majorelle. At the workshops you can try painting glasswares, making items with glass clay or making accessories with silver clay. A variety of souvenirs available at the museum shop. Wheelchair accessible. (Japanese)

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4.0a year ago

Curators explain the main exhibits in the museum.
It is easy to listen carefully and talks slowly, so I think it is easy to enjoy the satisfaction that can be seen carefully despite the small scale.
The attached shop (free admission) has glass-related accessories that are hard to find in ordinary shops, so it is irresistible for glass lovers.
When you stop by Shibukawa for errands, you have to go to both sides.
The photo shows earrings purchased at the shop. Gold leaf is sprayed on the glass and it is elegant and very nice. We also handle a wide range of glassware such as necklaces, vase inserts and tableware.

4.0a year ago

There are precious Art Nouveau glassware and furniture that will keep you captivated. I was nervous about making silver accessories, but it was a very good memory.
Since it is a photography NG, I will put a picture of the prepared silver ring and the delicious herbal tea received during the waiting time

5.0a year ago

The reception at the museum was excellent, and the people at the sales floor were very polite.

4.011 months ago

Great for Galle's collection.
Other than that, it is small and narrow. Isn't the admission fee of 1000 yen expensive?

5.0a year ago

If you wished to stay within the price, you could explain and enjoy the work very clearly.

In addition, you will be fascinated by the many works made over the years.

In particular, Emile Galle's glass works
"I made the shape of my dream a glass."
And that.

When I went around the glass crafts, I was inadvertently fascinated by the work, which created the atmosphere of a round the lake.

I was interested to know more about this artist.

Thank you for easy-to-understand explanations and wonderful works!

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