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Yubatake (Kusatsu Onsen)4.7

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The Yubatake ('hot water field') is one of the main source of hot spring waters in Kusatsu Onsen. The waters run through many wooden conduits, at 4000 liters per minute, lowering the water temperature before sending them to ryokan inns and public bathhouses. The view of waters coming out of the conduits like waterfalls is spectacular. The mineral sediment, collected every two months from the Yubatake, is sold as Yu-no-hana ('flowers of hot water'), the bathing power Kusatsu is well known for.

People gather and amble in twos and threes in benches, walkways and plazas around the Yubatake. At one corner there is a roofed pool, which Minamoto Yoritomo, the founder of the first warrior government in Kamakura, is said to have dipped in on his way to hunting.

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4.02 months ago

Kusatsu is one of Japan best onsen town The symbol of Kusatsu Onsen the Yubatake hot water fields is located here

5.08 months ago

A great place to walk around and take pictures! There are shops and restaurants to eat and look around. Best to stay a night at a ryokan for the onsen experience!

5.07 months ago

It's a good spot to be taken photos

5.02 months ago

Spring is famous and festive atmosphere

5.0a year ago

Must-see and a great place to walk around during the evening.

Main attraction of Kusatsu - enjoy the sights and sulfuric smells. Especially enjoyed the scenery at night (lit up every night).

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