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Yubatake (Kusatsu Onsen)4.7

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The Yubatake ('hot water field') is one of the main source of hot spring waters in Kusatsu Onsen. The waters run through many wooden conduits, at 4000 liters per minute, lowering the water temperature before sending them to ryokan inns and public bathhouses. The view of waters coming out of the conduits like waterfalls is spectacular. The mineral sediment, collected every two months from the Yubatake, is sold as Yu-no-hana ('flowers of hot water'), the bathing power Kusatsu is well known for.

People gather and amble in twos and threes in benches, walkways and plazas around the Yubatake. At one corner there is a roofed pool, which Minamoto Yoritomo, the founder of the first warrior government in Kamakura, is said to have dipped in on his way to hunting.

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5.07 months ago

The lady boss was very warmth. 中華料理, chinese oriental dumplings. Yen300 a plate. Don't expect any cheaper as it's up in the mountains & a tourist spot location.

5.07 months ago

Very nice foot bath free and public bath only ¥600. Very Japanese . Everyone was so kind !

5.07 months ago

Onsen town. Spend a night would be best to experience different bath. To come here needs to catch earliest train and to leave also needs to have an extra time queuing for bus. Have your JR East Pass and all be at ease~!!!

5.010 months ago

This is a tourist spot. But its true form is a traditional cooling device. To cool natural hot water over 90 ℃ to bath temperature. A large amount of hot water is generated from the ground without interruption, flows up with steam to the extent that the surrounding area crawls, and flows along a wooden fence to form a waterfall. The atmosphere is powerful and fantastic. However, it smells. (-_-;)
The smell of sulfur. By the time you get used to this, you will not want to return from here. This intense acidic hot water is so exciting that it only melts aluminum coins in just 3 days, so it's perfect for destroying your athlete's foot. Don't worry if you have weak skin. Because this natural hot spring water contains a very fine mud slurry, it coats your skin. To that end, no one has ever melted and died in this hot spring. …It should be ...
In this area, this slurry component is used to create a mysterious color for glass. The wonderful glasswork that has been commercialized will be a perfect souvenir for loved ones. If you have that important person,
(゜ ゜) ノ
Anyway, you're so bored that you're watching my review like this, so why not come here? "Hot spring wharf" is also delicious. You like sweet things, right?

5.0a year ago

Holiday resort for Japanese and tourists alike. This place has so much heritage and awesome things to do. Be sure to try out the free onsen beside the ticketing centre.

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