Harada Fruit Farm

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Harada Fruit Farm (Kajitsu no Sato Harada Noen)3.0

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Numata City, Gunma Prefecture, which features a long daytime duration and a great temperature difference between day and night, is renowned for its sweet and delicious apples as the result. The harvest is also the highest in the prefecture and along the Numata-kaido Street there are farms and orchards where you can pick-your-own apples on the way home from Oze trips. In the Harada Noen orchards, a variety of apples are cultivated including Fuji, Yoko and Akagi. It is an all-you-can-eat on site system and with additional charge you can have a basket-full apples as souvenirs. Strawberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches, grapes, mushrooms and vegetables can also be harvested here and you can enjoy picking throughout the year.
Strawberries: early November to early June
Cherries: early June to mid July
Blueberries: early July to early August
Peaches: mid July to early September
Grapes: mid August to early October
Vegetables: mid July to mid August (Cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants)
late October to late November (Daikon white radishes and Hakusai Chinese cabbages)
Mushrooms: All year round (Nameko etc.)
http://www.harada-nouen.com/ (Japanese)
Leaflet http://www.harada-nouen.com/pamphlet/document/01.pdf (Japanese)

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2.03 months ago

This place is swarming with tour buses and the prices are tailored for them - don't expect straight from the farm prices here.

The grape picking plan is just the chance to pick a single bunch of grapes, and the plan is the same price as buying a bunch of grapes in the shop. If you feel lucky enough to find a big bunch of grapes in the vineyard, then this is the plan for you - otherwise, just buy the grapes in the store on site (or somewhere else where it's cheaper).

4.0a year ago

Went there for strawberry picking. Unforgettable experience. Its an education tour for my children as they love strawberries. For muslims, no halal food except for the fruits they harvest and sell themselves. Tour guide told us that in starting June there will be grapes picking and before June will be strawberries...

3.0a month ago

Not much to say. Pick an apple, eat it, the end. Visited on a tour and this was patty of the itinerary.

5.0a year ago

Really nice place to shop for vegetables. Also they offer Apple picking, which was really excellent!

4.02 years ago

Was here for lunch as part of a day tour. Apples were very nice.

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