Futarasan Shrine

Sightseeing information about Futarasan Shrine in Japan.

World Heritage: Futarasan Shrine4.6

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This shrine adjacent to Toshogu is dedicated to two nearby mountains, Nantai-san ('Male Body Mountain') and Nyoho-san ('Female Peak Mountain'). The path between Toshogu and Futarasan Shrine, lined with cypress trees, is considered a power spot where you can experience positive energy. The energy is supposedly flowing from Toshogu to this shrine, so it is advised to visit these two spots in this order.

The shrine's precincts are full of lucky charms - bamboo grass associated with matters of the heart, round rock bestowing longevity, and loop throwing to improve your luck. There is a sacred spot where you can scoop spring water, which is for drinking or rinsing your accessories to absorb the sacred power. Also, search for the place with a sign 'Takaamahara', because it is the most energetic spot in Nikko.

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5.03 weeks ago

Another beautiful temple complex in Nikko with its own characteristics. The temple is easily approachable from the bus stop and you can spend hours there ... so mind the time :-)

5.02 months ago

Make sure you visit the Amazing botanical garden in front of the first building. It's amazing with beautiful greens all over the place. You can purchase a combined ticket for garden, and two other shrines. The one uphill has a wonderful natural trees and all kinds of beuties. Make sure you make it there.

5.0a month ago

Very peaceful!! And had lots to explore in this shrine! Absolutely beautiful.

5.02 months ago

Very cool aesthetic. Weather is high pleasing and comfortable. 10/10 would come again.

5.03 weeks ago

Very impressive and we'll preserved, but expensive entrance fee as well. But you can get a nice impression without paying the fee as well

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