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World Heritage: Futarasan Shrine4.6

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This shrine adjacent to Toshogu is dedicated to two nearby mountains, Nantai-san ('Male Body Mountain') and Nyoho-san ('Female Peak Mountain'). The path between Toshogu and Futarasan Shrine, lined with cypress trees, is considered a power spot where you can experience positive energy. The energy is supposedly flowing from Toshogu to this shrine, so it is advised to visit these two spots in this order.

The shrine's precincts are full of lucky charms - bamboo grass associated with matters of the heart, round rock bestowing longevity, and loop throwing to improve your luck. There is a sacred spot where you can scoop spring water, which is for drinking or rinsing your accessories to absorb the sacred power. Also, search for the place with a sign 'Takaamahara', because it is the most energetic spot in Nikko.

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4.02 weeks ago

The grounds are mostly wheelchair accessible but the buildings are not.

5.03 months ago

My favorite shrine out of the group! Time seems to fly because everything is so beautiful to look at. I even had the chance to sit in on a shrine demonstration and lecture.

4.0a month ago

A shrine for love and marriage. Mostly free to walk around, except for a 200 yen area further in.

5.08 months ago

You absolutely must! This shrine and the others within walking distance . . . not to be missed. A great idea for a day trip is Tokyo to Nikko. We left on the bullet train at 8 am, transferred to a local that took roughly 40 minutes to get to Nikko. Along the way, you roll through forest and farming country. You get a real sense of the pace and style of life in non urban Japan. Nikko itself is welcoming, with very good restaurants, some ok shopping. But the main attraction is the Nikko National Park and the shrines. I recommend you walk. It's uphill from Nikko Station, but not too steep. At the top of the hill there's an ancient arched bridge over a rushing stream, then it's up the hill just a bit farther to the shrine area. We saw everything we wanted to see in a day and arrived back in Tokyo in time for a late-ish dinner. Oh - by all means . . . if you have time, hike the gorge. It's the most breathtaking experience we had in Japan. Easy walk, not challenging at all

5.010 months ago

We went here during the new year holidays to get their famous momiji. Highly recommended, just don’t forget to put more clothes during the winter.

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