Hananuki Valley

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Hananuki Valley (Hananuki Keikoku)2.8

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Hananuki Valley is located along the River Hananuki-gawa in Takahagi City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Along the valley there are many must-see places including Shiomi-daki Suspension Bridge next to the Shiomi-daki Falls, Nameri-ga-fuchi Pool and Fudo-daki Falls. A walking path is provided and you can stroll among maple trees which change color of their leaves into breathtaking scarlet in autumn. Listening to birds singing in the forest during summertime is also recomended. On a clear day during December to February, Mt. Fuji can be seen from the observatory on Mt. Tsuchi-dake, which is one of Top 100 Spots for Viewing Mt. Fuji in the Kanto Region.

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5.0a month ago

Spectacular place to visit during autumn to see the fall colours. Go with a friend or a loved one, don't be like me and go by yourself because I felt so lonely walking among all the couples having fun there lol.

5.0a month ago

Dazzling maple gorge in the midst of Ibaraki. Only accessible by car. Surprisingly popular with tourists

5.04 months ago

This is a well preserved place that has not been flooded with concrete, like Japanese love to do. There is a free large parking 800 meters away from the gorge so you can have a walk and enjoy the scenery while walking to your destination. Once arrived at the suspended bridge (strangely much smaller than it appears on the touristic brochure) you can swim in the river. It was not very crowded when I went there during the obon but I've heard it was hell during the koyo season in October.

5.03 weeks ago

So beautiful during fall!

5.06 months ago

So beautiful and impressive place.

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