Tsukimachi Falls

Sightseeing information about Tsukimachi Falls in Japan.

Tsukimachi Falls (Tsukimachi no Taki)3.5

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Look behind the waterfalls without getting wet!
Tsukimachi-no-taki (Waiting for the Moon Falls), a pair of waterfalls with a drop of 17 meters (56 feet) and a width of 12 meters (39 feet), flow down from the overhanging rock and provide the space where you can walk right behind the falling waters. The falls, therefore, is also called Ura-mi-no-taki (Looking Backside Falls). If you want, you can also try ascetic practice by sitting under the falls. The falls are usually called Meoto-daki (Husband and Wife Falls), but it becomes Oyako-daki (Family Falls) after rain when amount of water increases and the third line (Child Fall) appears between the marital falls. The waterfalls are therefore worshiped by the people who wants a baby and the god of safe delivery is enshrined there.
The falls are frozen and turn into icicles in winter.

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4.02 months ago

Wonderful waterfall, water is down from high cliff. You can go behind the water. There is a local apple shop, bbq lots, a cafe. Parking area is 150 m down the road and takes about 10 cars.

5.0a year ago

Very beautiful water fall as it’s called no. 1 gentle (yasashii ) waterfall in Japan , one can explore it very closely even you can go under the falling water . Nice experience and beautiful surroundings.

5.02 years ago

I visit this waterfall at least four times per year. It is generally quiet on weekdays outside peak travel periods. It is quiet, cool and surrounded by maples. It is a power spot and many people claim to feel refreshed after visiting. During the hot summer months it is pleasant to walk throughout the shallow water near the base of the fall. If you are fortunate enough during your visit, the sun may hit the water at the right angle to produce a small rainbow.

5.0a year ago

Amazing little waterfall, it's always nice and relaxing by the water. Didn't get in the soba it was busy even thought it was early for dinner. Next time will sit and try their food, can't wait.

3.0a year ago

Nice place for relaxing and enjoying nature.

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