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Hitachi Seaside Park (Hitachi Kaihin Koen)4.0

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Located in the area facing the Pacific Ocean in the city of Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture, this park offers beautiful flowers in its large gardens (200 hectares) throughout the year. Nemophila (Baby Blue or Five Spot) in spring and Kochia (Summer Cypress) in autumn are must-see flowers among others including daffodils and tulips in spring, poppies and roses in early summer, zinnias and sunflowers in summer, cosmos flowers in autumn and ice tulips in winter. In its herb garden, where around 800 species of herbs including lavenders are planted, you can enjoy tasting a menu with freshly picked herbs or shopping bath potpourri with chamomile and rosemary at the restaurant and shops on site. There are the Pleasure Garden with attractions, field athletics, a barbecue site and picnic areas and every member of family can enjoy the park. You can also enjoy strolliong the hills, white beach and green field watching the blue ocean.

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5.04 months ago

If you want to visit a place which is pretty wide open and where you can leisurely bicycle around a course, then this is pretty nice. Along the course is a number of walking areas where you can park and enjoy the scenery. They also have some carnival rides and games for the kids. I heard that it can be very crowded in the spring and fall, but I happened to go during a lull. Given the current Covid situation, being outside with few people was relaxing.

5.02 months ago

I missed the additional fun to rent a bike when I was here. A scenic place to visit. You'll have fun for sure.

5.03 months ago

Hitachi Seaside Park facing the Pacific Ocean, the park offers 4 season flowers in large gardens throughout the year.
In spring, narcissuses, tulips and phenomenal nemophila (baby blue eyes) attract lots of visitors around the world.
In early summer, poppies and roses, and in summer, zinnias and sunflowers, bloom.
In autumn, you can enjoy spectacular kochia (summer cypress) and cosmos flowers.
In winter, ice tulips can be seen, making for a rich complement of flora throughout the year. Besides, the park also allow you to enjoy nature include the Rinkan Athletic Grounds, Barbecue Zone, and Cycling Course.

To get here, you can take Hitachi Line from Ueno > Katsuta which is covered by JR Pass but unfortunately you’ve take a bus
from Katsuta there to park. It is definitely a unique attraction which makes the money justifiable. Make sure you check online the type/species of flower blooming status, during the season before your go. So, you won't get upset if you expect to see certain species over there.

“国营常陆海滨公园”/ “Hitachi Seaside Park” 位于日本茨城县,东临太平洋。

如何从东京方向乘搭到“国营常陆海滨公园” / “Hitachi Seaside Park”

公园春季:有粉蝶花 (琉璃唐草)、水仙、郁金香、薰衣草,初夏:有罂粟花、玫瑰,夏季:有百日菊、向日葵,



5.02 months ago

A big beautiful park with mesmerizing view of flowers, sea area. Make sure to take a whole day to enjoy this lovely colorful garden.

5.03 months ago

Such a great park and huge! It's really far from Tokyo but there's a Costco across the street so that almost balances out. Also it closes relatively early (5pm).

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