Ushiku Buddha

Sightseeing information about Ushiku Buddha in Japan.

Ushiku Buddha (Ushiku Daibutsu)2.0

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Ushiku Daibutsu, with a height of 120 meters (394 feet) is the tallest standing Buddha statues in Japan. Among bronze Buddha statues it is the tallest in the world and is registered in the Guinness World Records. It is three times taller than the Statue of Liberty and its gigantic figure can be seen even from a distance. Inside of the statue is divided into five storeys, which contains four Buddhism themed exhibition spaces, and you can go up by an elevator to the observation floor at the height of 85 meters (279 feet) above ground. At the foot of the statue there is a flower garden and a small petting zoo.

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4.0a week ago

Easy to reach, easy to park by car.
Social distance applied.

5.0a week ago

Completely Zen. Even with visitors this place is calm. It's a nice spot to grab snacks at the mini-market, enjoy the beautiful Japanese style garden and view the main attraction - the Buddha. Highly recommend for first timers or as a continuous spot to relax. Bring a book! Please respect the surroundings and enjoy the vibes of the nature around.

5.0a month ago

Very interesting feature in rural Ibaraki. The tallest Buddha Statue in the world, once the tallest statue in the world. The interior is modern yet very calm and can put you at peace as you wander about and learn more about pure land Buddhism.

5.02 weeks ago

The Buddha statue is really huge, surrounded by a gardens and a pond. There are 2 types of passes: One for just visiting and the other one can allow you to go inside the statue.

5.04 months ago

Was driving on the expressway and saw this giant Buddha statue, they charge an entrance fee and was very crowded. Many tour buses with Chinese tourist crowed the area.

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