Kasumigaura Aquarium

Sightseeing information about Kasumigaura Aquarium in Japan.

Kasumigaura Aquarium (Kasumigaura Suizoku-kan)2.0

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This aquarium mainly display freshwater fish from the Lake Kasumigaura, which is situated right in front of the facility. You can learn about local fish with a panoramic fish tank, a touch pool, feeding demonstrations and workshops.
http://www.dane-kerry.com/aquarium/ (Japanese only)

Purposeexperience,kids,family,Animals,Science,sightseeing,let's hang out!
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5.02 weeks ago

Great nice and cozy place for cool down from the outside heat and ride rhythm

5.06 months ago

I visited here in the spring of 2016, and I thought it was a nice little aquarium to spend some time at. The fish and animals were fun to watch, and the place, in general, seemed to be in good shape. I think kids would have a blast here.

5.03 months ago

Clean, beautiful place.

5.03 years ago

Absolutely worth visiting. For the small price you get great experience. Spices there

5.03 years ago

Contains a good collection of marine life and cyclists can enjoy the ride of the banks of the Kasumigaura Bay.

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