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World Heritage: Rinnoji Temple4.5

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Rinnoji in Nikko is a Tendai-sect temple erected in the 8th century. The temple was registered a National Historic Landmark in 1998 and listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, alongside with Toshogu Temple and Furarasan Shrine. This has been the center of faith in the region for more than 1200 years, and one day is not enough to see the whole site.

The main building, Sanbutsudo ('Three-Buddha Hall'), houses three Buddhist deities - Amida (Limitless Light), Senju-Kannon (goddess of mercy with a thousand arms) and Bato-Kannon (Kannon with a horse head). Shoyoen, a small Japanese garden dating back to the Edo period, is a great spot to view autumn colors.

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5.02 months ago

Very holistic place. It’s a shrine in the area. Lot of carvings and historical monuments. . Eco sound near the dragon was an amazing experience

3.03 months ago

I wonder if they let too many people in... It was absurdly busy. Not much English information to view or scan going round.

Clearly an impressive place but go early.

3.0a month ago

The three Buddhist gods are very impressive. But that's it. Worth a short visit.

5.0a month ago

Beautiful temple. A must visit when come to Nikko.

5.04 months ago

Can’t take photo but my favorite part was the 3 giant bouddist statues. So impressive! 8meters?!

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