Rokko Arima Ropeway

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Rokko Arima Ropeway4.1

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The Rokko Arima Ropeway connects the top of Mount Rokko with Arima Onsen. The one way trip takes 12 minutes and offers great views of seasonally changing Mount Rokko. Enjoy a breath-taking panoramic view of nature below.

Airport/Sta.Osaka International Airport (about 17.9km) Google Transit


5.02 weeks ago

Great attraction.The rope way operates every 20 minutes. Enjoy your journey: Kobe City and the spectacular hill-surroundings. Better to get here in the morning to despite fog for a better visual experience.

5.05 months ago

Definitely worth the trip for the view. Bring hotel coupon for 20% discount. Once at Rokko there is a bus to take you to important locations. Don't walk it is very hilly.

4.05 months ago

It very near to the Arima Onsen which is top 3 best natural onsen on Japan

3.06 months ago

This seasons was very vacant.
After I parked at the Rokko Sanchou rope way station,I went down to Arimaonsen station.
The spa town of Arima was very interesting.
When I will come here next time, I will want to stay here for a week.

4.010 months ago

The star of the show at Rokkosan!

Taking the ropeway down to Arima onsen is simply breathtaking!

A must-do if you come to Rokkosan!

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