Lake Chuzenji

Sightseeing information about Lake Chuzenji in Japan.

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Lake Chuzenji, located in the highland 15km west of Nikko, is among the highest lakes in Japan. The lake was created about 20,000 years ago when an eruption of the adjacent Mount Nantai (2486m) blocked the valley below. The area is mostly undeveloped except for the lake's eastern shores, where there is a hot spring resort with summer villas.

In 1878, a British traveler and writer Isabella Bird visited here and admired the views of this lake and Mount Nantai. Since then, this area became a summer retreat for European diplomats, and the former Italian villa is now open to the public. Other attractions include fishing, cruise boats and trekking around the lake. Kegon Waterfall is within a short distance.

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