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Kegon Waterfall4.3

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Among some 50 beautiful waterfalls in Nikko, this waterfall is the most famous and considered one of top three waterfalls in Japan. The 97m-high waterfall is the only outlet flowing out of Lake Chuzenji and is flanked by a dozen or so of small streams. There is a free observation deck near the car park to get a glimpse, or you can spend the extra yen for an elevator ride down to the viewing deck in front of the waterfall base.

The view is stunning in lush green of early summer or vibrant colors of autumn foliage. Prepare something to cover as the area is very cool even in the height of summer. The nearby cable car takes you to the top of a hill where there is a bird's eye view of the lake, the waterfall and some downstream cascades.

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4.02 weeks ago

Great view and stunning scenery in winter. There's a elevator to go down about 100m for better view. You can see the waterfall basin from there too.

They have a free viewing platform on the right side of the elevator for whoever do not wish to pay the elevator fee. No tripod allowed on the viewing platform. I've tried to fly a drone there, but the wind at the time was crazily strong.

Great souvenir and snacks shop all nearby.

5.03 weeks ago

Breath taking views.

During winter you can see the waterfall partially frozen, snow and the trees with no leaves.

Overall a beautiful sight that goes perfectly with the lake visit.

5.02 months ago

Came during winter when the trees were mostly wilted. Still spectacular though. Can imagine it must have been so much more beautiful a few weeks ago when the autumn leaves were in full splendor!

One of the perks of visiting during the off-peak season is that we could get nice, uncrowded, up-close pictures. Highly recommend to pay to take the elevator down to the base of the falls as the view there is totally worth it.

5.02 weeks ago

Very beautiful
The falls was frozen.
Wanna come to see other seasons also.

5.02 months ago

Must visited place in Nikko!! The waterfall is great! Fresh air, nice view, easy access, orange tree (autumn). Its perfect!

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