Rokko Garden Terrace

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Rokko Garden Terrace4.6

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Rokko Garden Terrace, located near the summit of Mount Rokko, is a leisurely complex of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops to experience seasonal treats and shopping in exotic surrounds. The highlight is the observatory to provide a sweeping view of panorama from Kansai International Airport to Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. The awe-inspiring night view, often called the "million-dollar twinkling", is considered one of the country's top three most beautiful nightscape.

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5.03 weeks ago

Lovely place, worth the drive up the mountain. If you fancy a cable car ride, do enquire about hours.

4.0a month ago

Great night view from the back of souvenir shop. Underground parking closed at night. A little bit of obstacles to left and right, but can still view the whole kobe.

4.0a week ago

During Autumn, it is a beautiful and cold place to hang out, enjoy till the max!!

5.0a month ago

One of the 3 best night view in Japan. Wonderful view from the top.

4.05 months ago

Lovely sunset view and the lights of Kobe.
I was quite surprised that there were quite a few foreign tourists (as I imagined this to be more local spot - for the dating, more specifically).
They have several souvenir shops and restaurants to kill time and the outside benches for the view.
I think there were three of four view points and each was different from the other.

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