Rokko Garden Terrace

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Rokko Garden Terrace4.6

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Rokko Garden Terrace, located near the summit of Mount Rokko, is a leisurely complex of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops to experience seasonal treats and shopping in exotic surrounds. The highlight is the observatory to provide a sweeping view of panorama from Kansai International Airport to Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. The awe-inspiring night view, often called the "million-dollar twinkling", is considered one of the country's top three most beautiful nightscape.

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5.03 weeks ago

Very nice view point. Just be careful about the weather. It can be tricky. I was there where it was super foggy. Could not see much :(

5.02 weeks ago

Soooo cold during autumn! But the view really awesome! Love Rokko-san!

5.04 months ago

Great view of the Kobe-Osaka metropolitan area in the day and at night. There is a viewing tower that you can climb up. Surrounding are many small shops selling local produces like jams, tea, fruit, juices, etc. Nearby is an excellent restaurant that serves Kobe beef. They have seats that entitles you a view of the city.

4.04 weeks ago

Breath taking views of Osaka bay, love the cartoon characters they display. Worth visiting!

5.02 months ago

One of the most panoramic spots in Japan. Look out over Osaka Bay and the city of Kobe. With restaurants and shops nearby you can also enjoy a great view while dining or shopping.

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