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Godaido Hall4.0

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Godaido Hall is a small wooden temple that stands on the closest islet to the pier. There is a short bridge with many gaps (a little dangerous) and the islet offers a good view of the bay. You will see many stalls selling oyster.

The hall was originally constructed in the 9th century and rebuilt in the 17th century. The outer walls are covered with ornate carvings of animals that represent the Chinese zodiac. The building houses five wooden statues that are made open to the public once every 33 years (next in 2039).

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5.02 weeks ago

Godaidō Temple was one of the many incredible sites that make up the foreshore of Matsushima! I was blown away by the detail, the beauty, the colours, the views, the bridged triple-island... Everything!
Spend some time there and just enjoy everything around you!

3.0in the last week

Local tourist area also. Good view from temple looking far. Quite a good number of restaurants with most friendly people to serve you, as you would always enjoy in Japan.

5.0a month ago

Temple has long entrance and 500 yen entrance fee..There are few food stalls outside..On your way to temple you will find many caves and can take good pictures

5.02 months ago

Beautiful seaside temple. Have a lots of photo spot (if you can avoid photo boming)

5.0a month ago

To preserve this temple really speaks about the cultural heritage of Japan

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