Godaido Hall

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Godaido Hall4.0

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Godaido Hall is a small wooden temple that stands on the closest islet to the pier. There is a short bridge with many gaps (a little dangerous) and the islet offers a good view of the bay. You will see many stalls selling oyster.

The hall was originally constructed in the 9th century and rebuilt in the 17th century. The outer walls are covered with ornate carvings of animals that represent the Chinese zodiac. The building houses five wooden statues that are made open to the public once every 33 years (next in 2039).

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4.0a month ago

A nice walk through three small bridges. Great view.

4.05 months ago

Old but nicely preserved historic structure. Located on a island which is connected by two little bridge.

4.0a year ago

Small island with a historical temple. Crossing the bridge was interesting as there are small holes in the bridge. But other than that, there's nothing much.

3.07 months ago

Small shrine. Nothing much here but worth the stop on the way to Fukuurajima

3.0a year ago

Nothing special but it's close enough to worth a short stop. But if you are looking for a better view I recommend you Oshima Island.

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