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This theme park in Kinugawa Onsen displays around 100 of worldly famous structures in miniatures. The open-air exhibits are all replicas in 1/25 scale of gigantic monuments, cultural treasures, and many of UNESCO World Heritage Site buildings from 21 countries. Nearly 140,000 figurines are placed to represent people populating the sites.

The park is divided into six sections, beginning with the Japan zone that includes Himeji Castle and Kiyomizu Temple. The Asia section is with Taj Mahal (India) and the Forbidden City (China), Europe with St. Peter's Basilica (Vatican) and Eiffel Tower (France), and America with White House and the Central Park. There are zones for Egypt and Modern Japan, in which Tokyo Skytree was added in 2010.

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4.0a month ago

An open-air museum of miniature models depicting famous buildings around he world. The price (¥2,800) is a bit steep, but well worth it given how much fun you get to have.

I especially loved the huge area model towards the end of the exhibit: houses, bridges, train stations and a bunch of trains moving around. It's a perfect, magical world that I could watch for hours and hours. But even models that are not moving and making sound are fascinating. If you've got time, I challenge you to find a funny, weird or cool episode taking place in every model. Here's one to get you started: walk around NYC, find Bank of America, look close. Yup, that's a heist!

And if you come here around the time it starts getting dark, you will be rewarded with a simple, yet beautiful light show.

5.0a week ago

If your dream is to travel the world and visit their beautiful scenery all in one, why not try to visit here. You'll be amazed when go here.

4.0in the last week

Much bigger than i anticipated and very well executed. If you have the time to do it i would

4.0a month ago

We arrived in the evening, just in time for illumination. Illumination ticket is cheaper than the day ticket. We also received 500 yen coupon per person which can be used to buy food. Best part: it was snowing!

5.0a month ago

Awesome place to bring your family. Super detailed miniatures places around the world.

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