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Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland)4.6

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Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland) , opened in 1986, is a history theme park recreating street scenes from the Edo period (1603-1868). In the vast area of 15 hectares spread an old foot highway with checkpoints, inn town, artisan district and samurai residence area. There are sets to shoot period dramas for TV and films. You can rent traditional costumes to walk in the street.

There are two museums that exhibit fire fighting activities and the secret life of ninja during the Edo period. In the amusement section, a Haunted Temple is filled with scary spirits and monsters and the Ninja Trick Maze challenge you to escape from a labyrinth-like ninja house. Six theaters will entertain you with ninja action shows, traditional water magic, geisha dancing, Edo-themed animation films and more. The mascot here is Nyan-mage, a cat-like character with a hairdo of samurai.

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4.0a week ago

Edo Wonderland is certainly one of a kind. The attention to detail is remarkable; it was like stepping into a time portal to Edo. Though my Nihongo is quite limited, I enjoyed the shows. Wish I could’ve stayed longer but we had to catch the train back to Tokyo.

Don’t miss the Kai Kai Ninja House (not for the easily dizzy!) and the Ninja Maze. Has anyone here solved the maze? I never did, dammit. 😂

3.02 weeks ago

Somewhere away from the hustle bustle of Tokyo. In the green mountains lies this place. Period attire and equipment are very educational. Don't miss the samurai show. Full of energy and very well enacted. Plus point is the train ride to Nikko and the bus from there.

5.02 months ago

A fantastic theme park. Really gives an impression of what old Japan would have been like. There are so many interesting shows and performances throughout the day, from geisha, ninja and much more. The buildings look so authentic, the people are so friendly and there is so much to do for both kids and adults. I went with my Japanese partner and was a little worried that she wouldn't enjoy it: maybe I thought it would be more for tourists than native Japanese people, but she loved it also.

There are many shops and restaurants and are reasonably priced.
A favourite of mine was the geisha show, where they pulled an American guy from the crowd to be part of the show: I was just relieved they didn't pick me haha.

The ninja show was great, with a fantastic cast doing brilliant choreographed fights on stage.

We went during the week and it wasn't busy at all. The price is a 4700¥ (around £35) for entry but it was well worth the price.

The surrounding area is very beautiful too. If you are in Nikko, I highly recommend visiting here. You won't be disappointed

4.0a month ago

Edo Wonderland is a nice concept and is probably quite fun for Japanese kids.
Though, for adults, you can have more Edo style fun by simply traveling around Japan.

In comparison - for adults, the wonderful Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural museum offers more to see and more authenticity.

3.0in the last week

Некий парк, где можно за дополнительную плату переодеться в костюм и гулять по улочкам. Можно посмотреть на некий япоский театр (представления на японском), испечь себе печеньку, посмотреть шоу ниндзя + еще небольшое количество развлечений. В целом ожидал большего.
Часть развлечений так же за дополнительную плату.
Людей в парке было мало и есть подозрение, что часть развлечений не работало. В целом так себе.

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