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Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland)4.6

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Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland) , opened in 1986, is a history theme park recreating street scenes from the Edo period (1603-1868). In the vast area of 15 hectares spread an old foot highway with checkpoints, inn town, artisan district and samurai residence area. There are sets to shoot period dramas for TV and films. You can rent traditional costumes to walk in the street.

There are two museums that exhibit fire fighting activities and the secret life of ninja during the Edo period. In the amusement section, a Haunted Temple is filled with scary spirits and monsters and the Ninja Trick Maze challenge you to escape from a labyrinth-like ninja house. Six theaters will entertain you with ninja action shows, traditional water magic, geisha dancing, Edo-themed animation films and more. The mascot here is Nyan-mage, a cat-like character with a hairdo of samurai.

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5.0in the last week

I expected more of a historical recreation, and there was that, but there was also a theme park side as well. That combination is probably for the best since kids can still have a good time making traditional crafts, make-up, ninja gear, watch performances like water play, and some more.

For the adults, it's still a fun experience in my opinion. There are exhibits with detailed info on things like fire fighting, sword smithing, hotels, everyday life during the Edo period, and more of course.

The food is delicious and there are plenty of places to relax while eating or just to enjoy the buildings and of-period surroundings.

The staff and performers are warm and very helpful even if you have little to no Japanese language ability you should be fine. The performances are in Japanese but attractions/exhibits are in Japanese and English.

4.0a month ago

Neat place but expensive for what it is, especially since many activities you need to pay extra for. Our 4-year old enjoyed dressing up as a ninja and interacting with the park characters and the ninja show was fun. While enjoyable, I definitely wouldn't go too far out of your way to go here.

5.0a month ago

Superb experiences. I reached there too late, so I was not able to experiences all area and shows. I would suggest anyone to arrive early morning and first look at the timetable given when you bought the ticket. Then arrange your times probably so you may watch all shows offered by the Wonderland. I will definitely want to revisit this place if I have chance.

5.02 months ago

This wonderland is actually more of a heritage center, with some fun side added to it. Beautiful houses, gardens, and interesting activities, such as indigo scarf making, crackers baking, ninja training, costume rental, etc. The ninja show is a must-see! Overall recommended, but it is not easy to come from Tokyo. Better spends a night in Nikko.

4.0a month ago

You can easily spend a day here.

Couple words about logistics - if coming from Nikko you can take free shuttle bus from JR station which runs about every 2 hours. NOTE: to take the same return bus back, you must produce entrance tickets, so keep them.

If you do not come on your own car, arrive early by bus and try not to take last return bus because there might be too many people waiting in line and you won't get in. In this case your only option to get out would be to take very expensive taxi ride going into 10k of yens. So be prepared.

As far as the theme park, a lot of entertainment both for kids and for adults. One thing to keep in mind that to participate to all these 'activities/experiences', like archery, woodblock printing, etc need to be paid separately in addition to the entry tickets and they usually are 600 yens. Considering that entrance ticket is >4000 yens, adding several such activities and dining inside is definitely not a cheap experience. But is is Japan, you should not expect budget travel there anyway.

While the area of the theme park is small (compered to western theme parks), there are plenty of things to see and witness. One thing not to miss is the a kids show/movie in the theater. The best word to describe it is 'absurd' but it is highly entertaining. Hosts/entertainers are friendly, enjoy interaction with guests, especially kids who seems to have great time while being dressed in ninja/samurai outfits.

Definitely worth to visit once.

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Option ① Nikko Edo Wonderland is a great place to learn old Japanese culture. If you are traveling with      children, it is definitely worth visiting. We choose 1 course out of 3 plans. This is no.1 plan.

Option ① Nikko Edo Wonderland is a great place to learn old Japanese culture. If you are traveling with
     children, it is definitely worth visiting.
We choose 1 course out of 3 plans. This is no.1 plan.

VisitedApr 2019

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I like it here

I like it here

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