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Hosokura Mine Park1.7

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Hosokura Mine Park is a theme park built underground on the site of the former Hosokura Mine, which had been producing lead, zinc and silver until it was closed in 1987. Its main atraction, the Adventure Zone, is located in the mine tunnels where you can walk along the mine shaft and learn about how mining was carried out. The history of the Earth and the space is also displayed there. With additional fee, you can try panning for gold dust at the experiencce zone, or go up the hill by the chair lifts, enjoy the view at the observatory and come back down by the long slide (555m/1820ft) in length at the outside Slider Park on Saturdays, Sundays (April-November) and during the summer holidays (late July -August).

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4.04 years ago

Good Historical site for the whole family. Entrance fee is less than ¥500 to go through the gold mine. There is an electronic guide offering 4 different languages including English and robotic miners. Inside the mine is a little cold and wet. You can sift for gold flakes and go on the chair lift and slider for additional cost.

5.0a week ago


5.03 months ago

I visited for the first time in more than 20 years. It seems that it was reopened in 2016. The history of the Hosokura mine was explained. The inside of the mine is wide and very cold. It is perfect for summer resorts. As with Gunkanjima, the mine seemed to be in a very good economy in the past, and there was an instruction manual for employees that they could live in the latest apartment for free (a story in the 1955's). The inside of the mine is beautifully lit up and the atmosphere is good. If you like dungeons, you can enjoy it. Some customers were female only, and they said "it was good". You can buy ores from all over the world and Mine Park original goods at the shop. Exploring the tunnel takes about 40 minutes. It is a facility where more people are likely to come if YouTuber advertises it.

4.0a year ago

It's cool!

4.04 months ago

I've taken my child since I was a kid. Eating and drinking included shaved ice, soft serve ice cream, Frankfurt, and ramen. They were very kind people. The inside of the cave is very cool and I think it's comfortable in midsummer. Since the floor is wet, I think shoes that do not slip are good.
Pregnant women should wear something to enter.

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