Homei Shijuhachi-taki Falls

Sightseeing information about Homei Shijuhachi-taki Falls in Japan.

Homei Shijuhachi-taki Falls (Homei Shijuhachi Taki, Homei Forty-eight Falls)2.3

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The Homei Shijuhachi-taki Falls, located along the River Hirose-gawa in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, features clear water falls large and small ranging in green forests. Looking down the upstream of the river from a hill, you can view the falls lining stepwisely, their white bubbles standing out against the Mt. Kamukura-yama.
It was named Homei, which means "the song of the legendary phoenix, because the sound of the waterfalls resembles the song (Shijuhachi literally means forty-eight but it actually just means "many").

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