Nunobiki Herb Garden & Ropeway

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Nunobiki Herb Garden & Ropeway4.3

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On the upper and middle slopes of Mount Rokko lies a garden and park complex to enjoy the scenery and flowering smell. The ropeway right next to the Shinkansen terminal at Shin-Kobe whisks you to the two stops in the garden.

Get off at the top station, enjoy herbal foods at the cafe or restaurant and buy some plants and herbal products at the souvenir shop. The overhanging exhibits of fuchsia are elegant in the Glass House. A herbal foot bath near the terrace helps you sooth your tired feet while enjoying a pleasant view of the Kobe city and Osaka Bay. The night views from the ropeway and the observation deck are also splendid.

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5.0a week ago

Available via cable car from a short walk from the train station, do take note that if you want to hike up from the station itself to pass by the nearby waterfall, it's in the opposite direction of the cable car (personally recommend to take the cable car up to see the sights, and hike down to check out the reservoir/waterfall).

The air is fresh and flowers even fresher , changing from season to season. At the top is a gift shop where u can purchase different kinds of herbal/floral products such as seeds and tea. There's even a choose your own scent walk about in the nearby building.

Walking down you can explore the many different herbs, spices and flowers along the way, passing by the glasshouse and the famous lover's bell outside (it's quite private so might be good for quiet intimate proposals).

If you get tired, there's also a foot spa with herbal pouches for you to soak your tired feet in for free, but towels can be purchased nearby for 100yen each (bring your own instead).

5.05 months ago

Immaculate garden with many things to see! You can easily spend a few hours here! The view up here is amazing, and I feel like the air is much better up here (but maybe that's just me). There are beautiful buildings, and designated photo spots! Cute pictures guaranteed! It smells wonderful too! There is a cute museum as well, and the people who work here are super polite. Nice souvenir shop as well!

5.04 months ago

I've been here in Dec 2017, so it was quite chilly day. The place really beautiful, you can enjoy the view using cable car, as I can remember it was bout 1300 yen. The garden offered you many choices of herbs and flower scented essential oils. Best season to visit is at Spring and summer, so you can see the flower blooms.

4.02 months ago

Very picturesque garden with a herb and aroma theme. Sells a host of essential oils with various aromas. Go up all the way on the rope way and walk to the mid station before taking the rope way again.

4.03 weeks ago

Went up in the cable car, made sure to wait until the tornado had passed. When we got to the top no-one was left except the lovely staff and a shell-shocked Toto wondering where Dorothy had gone. Toto cheered up when we took him to smell all the nice smells in the fragrance room, and then we stopped by the greenhouse for some time bathing our feet in the hot tub foot bath thing while staring out at the cracking view. My only criticism is that the plants seemed to be treating it like it was winter, even though there were paying visitors there. FLOWER DAMMIT, IT'S ONLY JANUARY!!

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