Nunobiki Herb Garden & Ropeway

Sightseeing information about Nunobiki Herb Garden & Ropeway in Japan.

Nunobiki Herb Garden & Ropeway4.3

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On the upper and middle slopes of Mount Rokko lies a garden and park complex to enjoy the scenery and flowering smell. The ropeway right next to the Shinkansen terminal at Shin-Kobe whisks you to the two stops in the garden.

Get off at the top station, enjoy herbal foods at the cafe or restaurant and buy some plants and herbal products at the souvenir shop. The overhanging exhibits of fuchsia are elegant in the Glass House. A herbal foot bath near the terrace helps you sooth your tired feet while enjoying a pleasant view of the Kobe city and Osaka Bay. The night views from the ropeway and the observation deck are also splendid.

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4.0a week ago

This place is so romantic!😍
A perfect place to with your love ones, family, friends and special one. You can also go there with yourself if you want to. You will experience the excitement of riding in a cable car and seeing the beautiful mountain, sea, sky and city of Hyogo. You will appreciate how beautiful it is to see a lot of herbs, flowers, trees around the park. You can enjoy playing, relaxing and had a picnic under the open park with an amazing a wonderful sight seeing on time. This is indeed a perfect place to see specially on spring season. I will see this beautiful place once again. You will never have a dull moment because of its beauty. Must try for those who haven't been here. ❤

5.0a month ago

The gardens were beautiful and the ropeway ride was very smooth. The restaurant at the top station was amazing! They have a set price and menu, but the food was some of the best I've had so far in Japan. The price wasn't too bad either, 2380 yen for an adult. It comes with a main meal, an appetizer buffet and an herbal tea. I feel like I would have had to pay at least triple that for a similar experience back home. Highly recommend trying it!

5.03 weeks ago

Absolutely beautiful herb garden with a view of Kobe and the harbour!
You can go there by the cable car from next to shin Kobe station. It has a garden and buildings at the top and you can also buy dinner and drinks there at the shops. The view is amazing and I recommend it just before sunset so that you can get the day view, sunset view, and the stunning night view all in one go. And you can also get some dinner there. 😊

5.02 weeks ago

I visited the place on a rainy day. I went up to the top with the rope-way and got down too on the rope-way. However, I walked down up to the glass covered museum (I forgot the exact name, sorry) and I liked the place. While I was in the glass covered museum, I found I was in the middle of cloud! And the view of Kobe city from that place gave me an out the world feeling.
Apart from the herb garden, I must mention something about the rope-way. It was a 10-minutes journey may be, but I enjoyed every second of it. The cityscape was awesome. It's an obvious place to visit in Kobe.

1.03 weeks ago

On one Saturday, I arrived here around 4:30 PM because it shows it's open until 8:30 PM on weekend. But I realized ONLY the upper viewpoint is open until late while the rest of herb garden gets closed by 4:30 PM. So I couldn't get in to the main attraction area. They should precisely inform of its opening hours to visitors.

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