Nunobiki Herb Garden & Ropeway

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Nunobiki Herb Garden & Ropeway4.3

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On the upper and middle slopes of Mount Rokko lies a garden and park complex to enjoy the scenery and flowering smell. The ropeway right next to the Shinkansen terminal at Shin-Kobe whisks you to the two stops in the garden.

Get off at the top station, enjoy herbal foods at the cafe or restaurant and buy some plants and herbal products at the souvenir shop. The overhanging exhibits of fuchsia are elegant in the Glass House. A herbal foot bath near the terrace helps you sooth your tired feet while enjoying a pleasant view of the Kobe city and Osaka Bay. The night views from the ropeway and the observation deck are also splendid.

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4.0a month ago

Our goal really was to hike up Mount Maya, but tips and instructions to find the hiking paths up were too convoluted. After much frustration and more than an hour of searching, we were still unable to find the path to hike up. So instead, we admitted defeat and used the cable cars to ride up along the mountain, with the herb gardens in full view along the slopes. The views of the city and of the water were still breathtaking, but we felt like we didn’t work for it. =/

There is a place that offers gourmet hot dogs and ice cream at the top of the herb gardens, and while the view was nice, we were too cold to appreciate it for more than a few minutes. We did, however, find a hiking path down from the gardens, and it served as enough of a challenge to satisfy us. =) If you’re hiking down, there is a bathroom/modest rest stop on the way. Beware that there might not be any toilet paper, so come prepared!

There was an old shrine right before the waterfalls that was interesting to explore. It gave me an eerie feeling—coupled with the sun setting, we wanted to get to the bottom before nightfall. There are a couple of small shrines right at the waterfalls and then right after, there are long swathes of craggily steps you have maneuver before reaching the end.

Great sights, some eeriness, lots of frustration (I lost my phone right after this trip), but I recommend trying it at least once. If you’re too tired to hike, at the very least use the cable cars to see some amazing views.

4.0a week ago

A nice place to go when the weather is good. Great date spot. Awesome view of Kobe and an interesting shop at the top with herbs and herb-related things. There is a snack bar and restaurant at the top and walk down into the park to the green house where there is another restaurant. If you walk down through the entire garden you can catch a ropeway car down from the midway station.

5.02 months ago

Wonderful garden! We went to Shin-Kobe station and took a 5min-walk to the ropeway that led up to the garden. On the way up we saw the view of Kobe and the Nunobiki waterfall. It was mid-December so most of the flowers were not blooming and the colors were rather drab. However, the Rest House at the top of the station was simply enchanting ... it was like a charming European town. There were plenty of free-and-easy hands-on activities in the fragrance museum, herb museum and a glass house with absolutely beautiful Christmas decorations. You can have your lunch of burgers with the garden's own herbs in a charming little restaurant overlooking Kobe city. After that, you can dip your feet in the hot foot bath outside the glass house. The garden was so lovely we spent about 4-5 hours there.

4.0a month ago

This place will be beautiful during spring and autumn. As it’s winter thus frankly there is nothi much to see for the trees or herbs flowers. But it’s still enjoyable as fresh air, friendly n polite service staff, clean place. I felt lucky to went on a weekday and before noon as the place is not crowded and we totally enjoy the walking around. Superb view and cable car ride was enjoyable. Nothing to buy as the price is high and nothi really special about the items. Do go for a drink n cake at the veranda.. the view and the place is really worth it..

5.06 months ago

This place is honestly such a breath of fresh air from the bustling streets of Osaka. You take a cable car to the top station and it is a nice retreat from the sweltering heat of Japan in August. Obviously this place is a herb garden with various displays of herbs and vegetables, but do not be fooled as these things can exude their own air of beauty in its simplicity. The displays and interspersed points of interest make this quite a relaxing and interesting spot. The middle platform area even has a lounging area to take in the natural beauty and breathtaking view of Kobe. Perfect for dates or even just a casual day out. Prices are reasonable. Highly recommended!

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