Sightseeing information about Goshiki-numa in Japan.


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Goshiki-numa ('five color ponds') is famous for a 3.7km-long nature trail around a dozen of ponds. The eruption of Mount Bandai in 1888 formed a few hundreds of small ponds on the 800m-high northern highland. A local merchant family, 20 years later, started a tree-planting campaign, turning some part a tourist destination currently known as Goshiki-numa.

Because of mineral deposits from the eruption, the waters take on various hues such as cobalt blue, emerald green and reddish brown. Some of the ponds change color depending on the season and the amount of rainfall. The ponds are especially beautiful during the seasons of fresh green and autumn foliage. Bird watching is recommended in early summer and snow-shoe trekking in winter is also popular. The trail path links Bandai Kogen Station and a bus stop at the edge of the Goshiki-numa area.

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5.02 months ago

- can’t get enough from this nature beauty
- many spot for photographers
- free parking if you come by car
- I recommend Urabandai lake resort to stay at least for 2 nights and enjoy visiting those lakes ( 5 minutes walking)
- try to go in sunny day to see the colourful trees in better view
- you can take snacks ( many places to rest)

5.06 months ago

Loved the colours. The weather cleared up just for a pit. The pond shows different colours in different areas.

5.0a year ago

This place is a nice place to stop by for a 2 hours hiking. The scenery is beautiful and you can see some lakes with interesting colors as it is called the Five Colored Lakes. Depending on the season when you come, you can see kinds of colored leafs. At the end or beginning (depending where you start) of the hiking place, there is huge lake and they have some restaurants near by with a pretty nice view of the lake. People around this area are pretty friendly too.

4.06 months ago

Nice scenery to see Bandai Mountain.

5.0a year ago

A beautiful and serene hiking path between picturesque lakes and ponds. The path is really easy and not long, about an hour and 5 minutes.

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