Sightseeing information about Goshiki-numa in Japan.


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Goshiki-numa ('five color ponds') is famous for a 3.7km-long nature trail around a dozen of ponds. The eruption of Mount Bandai in 1888 formed a few hundreds of small ponds on the 800m-high northern highland. A local merchant family, 20 years later, started a tree-planting campaign, turning some part a tourist destination currently known as Goshiki-numa.

Because of mineral deposits from the eruption, the waters take on various hues such as cobalt blue, emerald green and reddish brown. Some of the ponds change color depending on the season and the amount of rainfall. The ponds are especially beautiful during the seasons of fresh green and autumn foliage. Bird watching is recommended in early summer and snow-shoe trekking in winter is also popular. The trail path links Bandai Kogen Station and a bus stop at the edge of the Goshiki-numa area.

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5.02 months ago

Visited in June starting and the place was amazingly beautiful. A serene hike surrounded by lakes and lush green trees. Be sure to pack your water bottles with you. People visiting by car should keep in mind that the end and start point of this hike trail are not same, so you need to take a bus at the end point to reach at the start point. Also bus are not so frequent even on weekdays, let alone weekends. So it’s advisable to have an idea of bus time table beforehand.

5.03 months ago

Wonderful walking path surrounded by nature that spans ~4km. The colors of the water that makes up the many ponds are spectacular. Definite recommendation if you’re spending some time in Fukushima prefecture

5.0a year ago

Went twice in October and December of 2016.
Goshikinuma is a great walking course; just make sure you are wearing proper footwear as it gets slightly rocky and muddy in parts.

In addition to the ponds, the forest and backdrops of Mt. Bandai are great scenery. It got pretty chilly in the evening so you may want to bring a layer or two.

Bus stops at at both ends.

4.03 months ago

Go rent the boat and take it out onto the lake

5.02 years ago

Goshikinuma is a collection of ponds and swamps of different colors, beautiful in different ways depending on the season. I also recommend the place at night, just be careful with bears! This is the only place in Japan where I actually faced bears right in front of me (luckily nothing happened).

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